Yehuda Magidovitch

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Yehuda Magidovitch
Born 1886
Uman, Ukraine
Died 1961
Tel Aviv, Israel
Nationality Israeli
Occupation Architect
Religion Jewish

Yehuda Magidovitch (1886–1961) was one of the most prolific Israeli architects. Among his prominent works are The Casino café-restaurant and the Cinema Hotel, both in Tel Aviv.[1]


Early life[edit]

Yehuda Magidovitch was born in 1886 in Uman in the Ukraine. He studied in Odessa. In 1919, he emigrated to Israel


He became the chief engineer of Tel Aviv.[1] In 1923 he established his own design and construction company. In 1934 his son Raphael also joined the office.[2]

His 1920s buildings were in eclectic style, but starting from the early 1930s Magidovitch started moving towards Art Deco. His first International style designs from 1934 retained a personal artistic expression.[2]


He died in 1961 in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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