Jeish al-Taiifa al-Mansoura

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Jeish al-Taiifa al-Mansoura (Arabic جيش الطائفة المنصورة for "Army of the Victorious Sect") is a militant Sunni group known to take part in the Iraqi insurgency. The group was founded by Sheikh Abu Omar al-Ansari.

On January 15, 2006, the umbrella organization known as the Mujahideen Shura Council announced its formation. The Army of the Victorious Sect was announced as one of its constituent groups, along with al-Qaeda in Iraq, Monotheism Supporters Brigades, Saray al-Jihad Group, al-Ghuraba Brigades, and al-Ahwal Brigades.

They claim attacks against Shi'ite civilians on a regular basis[citation needed] and once claimed responsibility for an attack on what it claimed were Badr and Interior Ministry officers in the Doura district of Baghdad using police commando uniforms and official ministry vehicles. They kidnapped and killed 11 people, including one hostage who was beheaded.

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