Jemma Palmer

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Jemma Palmer
Eve - Jemma Interview.jpg
Palmer before her debut match
Ring name(s) Jemma Palmer
Billed height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Billed weight 128 lb (58 kg; 9.1 st)
Born (1983-04-10) 10 April 1983 (age 31)
Sutton Coldfield, England[citation needed]
Trained by Ultimate Pro Wrestling
Debut 2005

Jemma "Jem" Palmer (born 10 April 1983)[1] is an English model and professional wrestler. She was briefly signed to WWE. She is also known by the name Inferno, which she used in the 2008 British television series Gladiators.[1] In 2011, she became known for taking part in the twelfth series of Big Brother - the first series broadcast on Channel 5.


Palmer grew up modelling under the encouragement of her mother,[2] winning the Little Miss Midlands and Miss Littlesea competitions as a child.[3] As an adult she entered a number of competitions, becoming a finalist in the 2006 Musclemania Britain which she later won,[4] Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Ms USA Dream Bikini Body and Miss Maxim UK competitions. She also came third in the Maxim Little Black Book UK modelling competition.[1]

She went on to model in many publications including Loaded,[5] WWE Magazine,[6] FHM[7] and Fabulous Magazine.[8] Her modelling work was compared to video game character Lara Croft by the Daily Mail.[9]


While her mother encouraged Palmer into modelling, her father encouraged her into athletics.[2] She enrolled in the cadets where she began to train in climbing, abseiling and amateur wrestling.[3] She would later gain a purple belt in submission wrestling.[10]

As a fan of Gladiators growing up, when rumours mounted of a revival show in 2008 she began sending promotional material to television companies. Her wrestling manager landed her an audition for the similarly timed American Gladiators revival, but she received a call up for Sky1's British version days later and passed their fitness test. She performed in both series of Gladiators under the name Inferno, sporting red hair and a fiery, flirtatious personality.[10] Despite not appearing on the American version, BBC America aired Gladiators in the United States.[2] As a cadet, she also later appeared on Sky1's Battle of The Forces which pitted the British Army, Royal Navy and RAF against each other.[10]

Professional wrestling career[edit]

British circuit (2005–present)[edit]

Along with her other exploits Palmer also was a fan of wrestling, particularly the original incarnation of D-Generation X.[11] In 2005, she began to appear for the Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA) mainly as a valet for Doug Williams.[12] This led to her having a try out match with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) alongside Katarina Waters who went on to become Katie Lea Burchill.[11] Although she was not signed, she was later offered a scholarship to train at Ultimate Pro Wrestling.[13] During her time on the circuit, Palmer filmed a reality television show based on pro wrestling as one of the three lead stars.

After much training, she was booked for her debut match against Jetta at Pro-Wrestling: Eve's first show on 8 May 2010 in Sudbury, Suffolk.[14] Before her match with Jetta she suffered an injury in her hand but wrestled the match anyway, with a storyline written in that Jetta attacked her and goaded her into a match while she was explaining the injury to the crowd. The referee stopped the contest and awarded it to Jetta out of concern for Palmer's health.[15]

World Wrestling Entertainment[edit]

On June 29, 2009 it was announced that Palmer had signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.[16][17] Palmer was released from her contract before reporting to WWE's farm territory Florida Championship Wrestling after she was granted her usa work visa for unknown reasons.[18]

Big Brother[edit]

Palmer entered the UK Big Brother house part-way through the twelfth series in October 2011, joining her younger sister, Faye who had been part of the series since the beginning.[19] Palmer voluntarily left the House on Day 48.

Business interests[edit]

In October 2011, Palmer invested in a company called Buff Naked Butlers, which provides semi-naked butlers for events in Wales and England. Additionally, there is evidence of connections between Palmer and Palmer industries.[20][21]


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