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Jenna Drey is a female singer/songwriter who is a dance-pop, adult contemporary and dance music artist. She was born in Los Angeles, California and currently resides in Miami, Florida. She is a classically trained 3-octave vocalist and is the daughter of TV actress Margaret Teele.


Drey's work has won her several songwriting awards including the 2004 VH1 Songwriting Contest and the 2003 Dallas Songwriting Contest, and as an artist a number of her songs have succeeded on the charts. In 2005, "Killin' Me (Where Did I Go Wrong)" became a top twenty hit on Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay hitting number 11 and number 6 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. The follow-up, "Why Should I Believe You", peaked in the Hot Dance Airplay Top 30 at number 24 and the Hot Dance Music/Club Play Top 10 in 2006. Later that year, her Dance-pop single, "By The Way" became another hit single. It became her most successful single on the Hot Dance Airplay chart, peaking inside the top 5, at number 4. On the Hot Dance Club Play chart, it was her third consecutive top twenty hit, reaching number 19.

In fall 2008 her Adult Contemporary single, "All Out Of Love" was played by both Hot AC and Soft AC radio stations across the country.

In Summer 2012, she released "Summer Night in Seattle".[1]


Just Like That[edit]

  1. "Just Like That"
  2. "That's What They All Say"
  3. "Why Should I Believe You"
  4. "Stand in Line"
  5. "Say Goodbye to Loneliness"
  6. "Shadow of a Stranger"
  7. "More Than This"
  8. "Killin' Me (Where Did I Go Wrong?)" pop version
  9. "Let's Ride Your Motorcycle"
  10. "Why Should I Believe You" bagpipe mix
  11. "Say Goodbye to Loneliness" dance remix
  12. "Just Like That" Churko/Euro pop mix
  13. "Just Like That" Stadium Sports Theme

One Step Further[edit]

  1. "One Step Further"
  2. "By the Way"
  3. "Killin' Me (Where Did I Go Wrong?)" Rizzo radio :)
  4. "We're All Alone"
  5. "Don't Wanna Cry Anymore"
  6. "Shadow of a Stranger"
  7. "Why Should I Believe You" Harris dance
  8. "All Out of Love"
  9. "Impossibility"
  10. "Thousand Times a Day"
  11. "I Told You So"
  12. "Was It Something I Said"
  13. "Breaking Me"
  14. "Why Should I Believe You" Hot AC
  15. "Why Should I Believe You" Churko bagpipe
  16. "Killin' Me (Where Did I Go Wrong?)" Giuseppe D remix
  17. "One Step Further" rockin' radio


  • "Killin' Me (Where Did I Go Wrong)"
  • "Why Should I Believe You"
  • "Say Goodbye To Loneliness"
  • "Just Like That"
  • "More Than This"
  • "By The Way"
  • "Girlz Night Out"
  • "All Out of Love"
  • "Can't Let Go"
  • "Summer Night in Seattle" [2]
  • "Making Me Love Again"[3]


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