Jennifer (1978 film)

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Jennifer (film).jpg
Directed by Brice Mack
Produced by Steve Krantz
Screenplay by Kay Cousins Johnson
Story by Steve Krantz
Starring Lisa Pelikan
Bert Convy
Nina Foch
John Gavin
Jeff Corey
Wesley Eure
Music by Porter Jordan
Cinematography Irv Goodnoff
Editing by Duane Hartzel
Distributed by American International Pictures
Release dates May 13, 1978
Running time 90 min.
Country United States
Language English

Jennifer is a 1978 horror film directed by Brice Mack, starring Lisa Pelikan. The story has some similarities to the 1976 classic Carrie, about a social misfit with psychic powers who gets revenge on her cruel classmates. The original music score is composed by Porter Jordan. The film's tagline is: "She's got the power... and you haven't got a prayer!"

Plot summary[edit]

Jenifer Baylor (Lisa Pelikan) is a poor, red-headed young woman from West Virginia. Jennifer possesses a power over snakes, an ability to control them and communicate with them. She and her father, Luke Baylor, left their home in disgrace, because when Jennifer was around the age of seven, some snakes she had been handling killed the town preacher's son. She refused to handle snakes ever again, though Luke now runs a pet store and often encourages her to use her power again. Luke is mentally disabled, unable to make meals for himself without burning them, and relies on Jennifer since his wife died. While Luke does run the pet store, he spends most of the time in a back room, listening to Christian radio.

Jennifer receives a scholarship to an upper-class girls private school. While at school, Jennifer encounters a clique of wealthy and cruel girls, who hate her for being poor and different. These girls turn others against Jennifer throughout the movie, but Jennifer also makes friends of her own, including teacher Jeff Reed (Bert Convy). The wealthy girls' cruelty eventually pushes Jennifer over the edge, causing her to use her special powers again for the sake of revenge against those that hurt her and her new friends.

Main cast[edit]

Actor Role
Lisa Pelikan Jennifer Baylor
Bert Convy Jeff Reed
Nina Foch Mrs. Calley
Amy Johnson Sandra Tremayne
John Gavin Senator Tremayne
Jeff Corey Luke Baylor
Louise Hoven Jane Delano
Ray Underwood Dayton Powell
Wesley Eure Pit Lassiter
Florida Friebus Miss Tooker
Georganne La Piere Deedee Martin
Lillian Randolph Martha
Domingo Ambriz Jose

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