Jennifer Welles

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Jennifer Welles
Born c. 1933
New Jersey[1]
Other names Liza Duran
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5′ 2″[1]

Jennifer Welles (born c. 1933) is an American former pornographic actress in the films of the 1970s, although she began her acting career in the late 1960s in the softcore sexploitation genre, and "roughie" grindhouse films produced in New York. Some of these include: Sex by Advertisement (1967), Career Bed, Submission, and This Sporting House, by pornographic film director Henri Pachard (all from 1969).

Welles was also a fetish magazine model for such magazines as Bizarre. Using the stage name "Liza Duran",

Welles appeared in many films, the best known being Inside Jennifer Welles (1977), which she is also credited with having directed (although the film was actually anonymously directed by sex-exploitation veteran Joseph W. Sarno).[1] She also appeared in some mainstream films, most notably The Groove Tube opposite Chevy Chase.

Welles won the Erotica Award for Best Actress in 1977 for the film Little Orphan Sammy, and she was the editor of Eros, The Magazine of Decadent Sophistication, in that same year.

Welles left the industry abruptly in 1978 after she married a wealthy fan.[1] In 2013, Welles re-emerged to grant her first interview, since she quit adult films, to The Rialto Report.

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