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Jenny Brash
3rd Mayor of Porirua
In office
Personal details
Born December 1946
Residence Porirua

Jennifer Sylvia Brash,[1] QSO (born December 1946), known as Jenny Brash, is a former Mayor of Porirua, New Zealand. Prior to being Mayor in 1998–2010, she served nine years as a City Councillor. She is currently a councillor on the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Porirua City Council[edit]

Brash was first elected as a Northern Ward councillor in 1983 and held that role until 1989. She was elected in 1995 for another three-year term.[2]

Brash last contested the mayoralty in October 2007 against four other candidates. She received 6101 votes, more than twice as many as the next candidate.[3] She retired from the mayoralty at the 2010 election.[4] She endorsed the mayoral campaign of councillor Nick Leggett, who was elected in October 2010 as her successor.[5]

She campaigned for the construction of the Transmission Gully Motorway.[6] Brash was the Porirua representative on the Wellington Regional Transport Committee when it was formed in 2008.[7]

Greater Wellington Regional Council[edit]

In October 2010, she was elected to the Greater Wellington Regional Council for the Porirua-Tawa constituency.[8] Former Porirua Mayor John Burke, who in 2007 came second in the constituency, which elects two councillors,[9] came third in 2010. He was thus displaced by Brash and failed to be re-elected.[10]

Community involvement[edit]

At the close of her mayoralty, she successfully stood for election to the Porirua Community Trust.[8] She is a supporter of the NZ Trust, preferring a silver fern as the symbol on the New Zealand flag over the current design, which is too close to the Australian flag for her.[11]


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Political offices
Preceded by
John Brian Burke
Mayor of Porirua
Succeeded by
Nick Leggett