Jenny Lind Soup

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Jenny Lind Soup
Main ingredients
Rutabaga, chicken stock, roux, Gruyère cheese, sage, egg yolks, heavy cream, egg whites
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Jenny Lind soup is a thick mixture, of the consistency of wallpaper paste, named for popular 19th-century singer Jenny Lind. Leopold Bloom, a character in James Joyce's Ulysses, fantasizes about it while lunching in the Ormond: "Jenny Lind soup: stock, sage, raw eggs, half-pint of cream. For creamy dreamy."

The dish is made from mashed rutabaga, chicken stock thickened with a roux, Gruyère cheese, sage, egg yolks, and heavy cream, and topped with beaten egg whites. (This latter topping, unfamiliar to many, is a common tradition in French cuisine de famille, as it uses up the whites left over from using the yolks as a thickener).