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For the American porn actress sometimes credited as Jenna Talia, see Alana Evans.

Jenny Talia is an Australian female comedy singer/songwriter. Her real name is Tammy-Jo. Tammy is the daughter of Kevin Bloody Wilson, for whom she is occasionally a support act.[1][2] Her songs are very similar in style to her father's but are from a female perspective.

She was originally from Kalgoorlie but is now based in Chicago where she lives with her husband and children.[3]

She has released three country music albums under the name T.J. Dennis.

She regularly tours Australia, New Zealand and the UK and occasionally does shows in the USA


  • Jenny Talia From Australia
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Without Adult Supervision
  • The Blonde Leading the Blonde
  • F.O.C.U.S

As T.J Dennis

  • My way...or no way at all
  • Tj's Diner


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