Jens Gad

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Jens Gad
Born (1966-08-26) August 26, 1966 (age 48)
Munich, Germany Germany
Occupation(s) producer, songwriter, musician
Years active 1986-present
Associated acts
  • Trance Atlantic Air Waves
  • Enigmatic Obsession
  • Achillea

Jens Gad (Munich, 26 august 1966) is a German producer, songwriter and guitarist[1] of Danish parents. He started making music at young age.[2]

Gad produces music for many artists and was previously co-producer for the musical project, Enigma. In the past he has released albums under the name of "Enigmatic Obsession", "Jens Gad Presents" for his new instrumental work, and also under the name of "Achillea", for his new world-influenced music which features different female vocalists on each album, singing in different languages.[3]

Gad works from his music studio on the Spanish island of Ibiza.[4]

Jens is the older brother of Toby Gad.


On Gad his own musical project, Achillea, he works with singer Helene Horlyck, who appeared on the album The Nine Worlds in 2005. On the album Amadas Estrellas, released in 2007, he worked with Spanish singer Luisa Fernandez.[4]




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