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Jere Baxter, c. 1900

Jere Baxter (February 11, 1852 – February 29, 1904)[1] was a Tennessee businessman, lawyer, and politician who founded the Tennessee Central Railroad,[1][2] established a newspaper in Nashville, served in the Tennessee State Senate,[2] helped found the communities of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, and Sheffield, Alabama,[1][2] and unsuccessfully sought the Democratic Party nomination for governor of Tennessee in 1890.[3][4] Baxter, Tennessee, is named for him.[2]

Baxter was born on February 11, 1852, in Nashville, the son of Nathaniel Baxter, a politician and judge.[1] After graduating from Montgomery Bell Academy, he studied law and went into legal publishing, issuing The Legal Reporter, the nine-volume bound compilation of which came to be commonly known as Baxter's Reports.[1]