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Jeremy Abelson is the President of Urban Hostess, a rental firm that finds housing for recent college graduates. Urban Hostess also creates apartment listing guides to prices and roommate connecting services for new hires at JP Morgan and other Fortune 500 firms.[1] Jeremy is also the founder of Pocket Change (newsletter), an online newsletter that covers the most expensive goods and services in New York and Los Angeles.[2] Pocket Change was acquired in 2008 by thelab, an advertising agency in New York City.[3][4][5] Pocket Change uses a handsome, white, affluent, crass, and fictional character named Richard Nouveau as a tool to make a mockery of the white upper class. Pocket Change has gained media attention for a piece on New York City's most expensive Hamburger, a $175 burger at the Wall Street Burger Shoppe.[6][7] Abelson and Pocket Change have been responsible for a number of New York City dating events such the Natural Selection Speed Date, pairing wealthy bachelors with beautiful women. Conversely, Jeremy organized an event dubbed "Sugar Momas and Boy Toys" bringing together attractive younger men and wealthy older women.[8][9][10] Pocket Change hosted a dating event called Fashion Meets Finance that incorporated a similar theme of bringing wealth and beauty together.[11] Pocket Change Abelson gained promotional clients including AmEx, Bravo, Absolut Vodka, Warner Brothers and SilverJet. Abelson’s client campaigns have been featured on the Today Show, CNN, MSNBC, Fox Business News, The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Phil Show, and Good Morning America, among others.[3] Jeremy now manages Samson’s Barber, the interactive division of thelab. Abelson is a regular speaker at the Media Summit New York, Columbia Business School and NYU, as well as a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Jeremy graduated from the University of Michigan and is originally from Silicon Valley.[3]

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