Jeremy Blachman

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Jeremy Blachman
Born 1979
Occupation Novelist, Journalist, Columnist
Nationality American
Genre Sports, Entertainment, Business

Jeremy Blachman (born 1979), a 2005 graduate of Harvard Law School, is a journalist and the author of Anonymous Lawyer: A Novel.


Blachman graduated from Hunter College High School in 1996. He received his undergraduate degree from Princeton University and currently lives in New York.

Anonymous Lawyer[edit]

Blachman started the Anonymous Lawyer blog in his second year at Harvard Law School[1] taking on the satirical persona of a law firm hiring partner".[2] After revealing his identity to the New York Times[1] he earned a book deal with Henry Holt to turn the blog into a novel.[3] Anonymous Lawyer: A Novel was published in hardcover in 2006, and then in paperback by Picador (imprint) in 2007.[4]

The book was in development for a sitcom adaptation at NBC.[5]

Anonymous Lawyer has been translated into Korean, Italian, Polish, Thai, Hebrew and Russian.[6]


Blachman's journalism and writing has appeared in McSweeney's,[7] FanGraphs,[8] the Wall Street Journal,[9][10][11][12][13][14][15] The New York Times,[16] The New Republic,[17][18] Moment,[19][20] Lusso,[21] Kveller,[22] The Bygone Bureau,[23][24] Splitsider,[25] Grin & Tonic,[26] Thought Catalog,[27] The Millions,[28] The Nervous Breakdown,[29] SparkLife[30] and LA Weekly.[31]

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