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For the American football player, see Jeremy Childs (American football).
Jeremy Childs
Born Nashville, Tennessee
Occupation Film, stage actor, writer

Jeremy Childs is an American actor and writer from Nashville, Tennessee.


Childs wrote and has performed in the Vampire Monologues, which played in Nashville at Halloween to a packed house in 2002 and 2004.[1] Childs has also had considerable roles in various local and regional stage productions.

His largest role to date came when he played the part of Cutbush in the 2001 movie The Last Castle alongside Robert Redford and James Gandolfini.[2]

He is brother to Josh Childs. He and Josh have done to date 2 movies together. Prism,[3] and Netherbeast Incorporated (2007).[4]

Childs was also in the music video for "Hear Me Now" by Framing Hanley playing as the priest as well as the music video for "Unbreakable" by the band "Fireflight". His first nationally released theatrical film is the upcoming mystery thriller, 2012 American mystery drama film Deadline. Childs plays newspaper managing editor Walker Burns in this movie inspired by a true story of the racially motivated murder of an African America youth in the South.

Childs played the role of Albert in Nashville.


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