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Jeremy Gutsche
Jeremy Gutsche.jpg
Born (1978-04-07) 7 April 1978 (age 36)
Calgary, Alberta
Residence Toronto, Ontario
Citizenship Canadian
Education BComm (with Distinction) in Finance from University of Calgary, MBA from Queen's School of Business, CFA from CFA Institute
Occupation Entrepreneur
Known for
Notable work(s) Exploiting Chaos - 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change (Gotham/Penguin)
Title Chief Trend Hunter
Awards Graduate of the Last Decade Award from University of Calgary

Jeremy Gutsche (born April 7, 1978) is a Canadian innovation expert, author, "one of North America's most requested keynote speakers",[1] co-host of Trend Hunter TV and founder of He is most well known as the founder and Chief Trend Hunter of, described by The Independent as "the world's biggest online cool hunting magazine".[2] At the end of 2008, Entrepreneur Magazine reported the community as having 20,000 members and 8,000,000 monthly views.[3] In 2013, the site reports that number at 120,000 members and 40,000,000 monthly views.

Gutsche has been described as "a new breed of trend spotter" by The Guardian,[4] an "Oracle" by the Globe and Mail[5] and "on the forefront of cool" by MTV.[6] He is frequently sourced by the media for his opinions on the next big thing, including The Economist,[7] Fox Business,[8] CBC News,[9] and Entertainment Tonight.[10][11][edit]

In 2006, Gutsche launched Trend Hunter, an online trend community and series of trend publications. The website is crowd sourced by a global network of 100,000 contributors who identify and submit emerging ideas as articles.[12] Staff editors curate the most compelling articles for editing before publishing the articles on the front page. The website uses statistics from its audience to score each idea on metrics such as popularity, activity, freshness and demographics. The purpose is to use the power of the crowd to identify trends and patterns, which are published in trend reports on Trend Hunter and its related website,

In 2008, Trend Hunter TV was launched, co-hosted by Jeremy Gutsche and Sandra Stinchcombe, although Stinchcombe only appeared in six of the first episodes. The TV program features content provided by the Trend Hunter community members, interviews and features about the website's operations behind-the-scenes. The main categories include: pop culture, design, technology, fashion, business and art.

In August 2012, the company passed one billion total page views.[13]

Trend Hunter Research[edit]

In 2007, Gutsche launched Trend Hunter Research to leverage the viewership data and content insights from the Trend Hunter community. This service was later expanded to include subscription trend reports, an interactive trend platform and an advisory service used by a variety of consumer brands. Gutsche publishes a free weekly newsletter for journalists, entrepreneurs and marketers.

Keynote Speaking[edit]

Jeremy Gutsche is a keynote speaker in the categories of innovation, strategy and marketing, represented by The Lavin Agency. He has spoken internationally at more than 180 events since 2008,[14] with a speaking career launched via his website, book, and large events like the 2010 World Education Congress, where he was the closing speaker for 3,500 meeting planners.[15] He is best known for his Exploiting Chaos keynote, based on his similarly-titled book.[16]


Gutsche's book, Exploiting Chaos: 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change, is a Gotham title (a Penguin Group subsidiary). Exploiting Chaos was released in September, 2009.[17] The book was named one of Inc Magazine's Best Books for Business Owners[18] and ranked #1 Most Popular at 800 CEO Read from September to December 2009.[19] In paperback, it is published in seven languages, including Cantonese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Korean, and English.

In 2012, Gutsche re-released Exploiting Chaos as an interactive video ebook. The ebook version was made free online or downloadable for the price of a tweet or Facebook like.[20] The website reported 300,000 downloads of the free version.


  • 2011 Cisco Innovation Excellence Award[21]
  • 2011 BDC Young Entrepreneur Award - Ontario[22]
  • 2010 Axiom Business Book Award - Gold Medal in Success / Motivation[23]
  • 2010 University of Calgary Graduate of the Decade Award[24]


Prior to starting Trend Hunter, Jeremy Gutsche was a management consultant with the Monitor Group and was Capital One's Director of Upmarket in Canada. At Capital One, he led his team to grow a $1 billion business.[25]

He holds an MBA from Queen's University, studied innovation at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, graduated from University of Calgary with a BCom in Finance (With Distinction) and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

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