Jeremy McGrath Supercross World

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Jeremy McGrath Supercross World
North American cover art for GameCube
Developer(s) Acclaim Entertainment
Publisher(s) Acclaim Entertainment
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, GameCube
Release date(s) PlayStation 2
  • NA November 15, 2001
  • PAL February 8, 2002
  • NA February 27, 2002
  • PAL June 7, 2002
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Jeremy McGrath Supercross World is a Racing video game released in 2001 by Acclaim Entertainment. The game is endorsed by supercross star Jeremy McGrath and is the sequel to Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000.


Mudhoney-Let it Slide

Stuck Mojo-Evolution

Dry Kill Logic-Pain,Assfault

Millecolin-No Cigar

Fenix TX-Minimum Wage

Drowning Pool-Follow

Bodyjar-Not the Same

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