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Jeremy Turner (born July 19, 1973) is the former guitarist and vocalist for the Kansas-based death metal band Origin.[1]

He performed on Origin's A Coming Into Existence (1998 demo), the self-titled debut on Relapse, Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas, and Origin's 2008 record, Antithesis. He performed on Unmerciful's debut on Unique Leader Records, Unmercifully Beaten in 2006. He also toured with Cannibal Corpse when guitarist Jack Owen left the band in 2004. He learned 18 songs in 3 weeks to tour with the band, doing 90 shows on 3 continents in 6 months (including a show at the Wacken Open Air festival in 2004 in front of approximately 43,000 people). During his time with Cannibal Corpse, he was also known as 'Jack Owen On Steroids', because he looked like a buffed Jack Owen. This was reveiled in the DVD Centuries of Torment.


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