Jerico-Jim Crow

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Jerico-Jim Crow
Music Various
Lyrics Various
Book William Hairston
Langston Hughes
Productions 1964 Off-Broadway

Jerico-Jim Crow is a critically acclaimed 1964 musical, with a book written by Langston Hughes. It was a pioneering work in the urban contemporary gospel musical style, based on the themes of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. According to Arnold Rampersad, a Hughes scholar, Hughes had “virtually pioneered” the black gospel musical, first with Black Nativity (1961) and then with Jericho-Jim Crow [1].

Book: William Hairston and Langston Hughes

Premiere: Sunday, January 5, 1964 at the Sanctuary Theatre, (New York) . It was co-directed by Alvin Ailey and William Hairston and conducted by Hugh Porter. Marion Joseph Franklin, Jr. was associate musical director and musical accompanist.

(A 1964 New York Times Review by Richard F. Shepard [2])

Original Cast[edit]