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Jerome Sydenham
Also known as Casino J, Downtown Brooklyn Inc
Born 1967
Genres House, Techno
Occupation(s) Musician, dj, music producer, label owner
Years active 1989–present
Labels Ibadan, Apotek, Avocado, Midnight Shift, Public Service, UK Promotions
Associated acts Afro Elements, DCA Project, Ferrer & Sydenham Inc, Dennis Ferrer, Kerri Chandler, Lagos Nagoya Players Association, Nagano Kitchen, Saudacao Aos Orixas, The Songstress

Jerome Sydenham (born 1967, Ibadan, Nigeria) is an accomplished electronic music producer, DJ and multi-record label owner known for establishing a Pan-African Electro direction within the House and Techno genres. His music expertise spans the business—with award-winning A&R experience at Atlantic Records—as well as in production and performance with multiple chart-topping releases and his DJ bookings in steady, high demand.[1]

Born and raised in Ibadan, Nigeria to an English father and Jamaican mother, he was schooled in his teens in England before migrating to New York City in the early 80's to further his music interests with his family there.[2] He is now based in Berlin, Germany running a stable of record labels including Ibadan Records as well as actively touring as a DJ and producing music.

Jerome Sydenham will be releasing a much-anticipated album in the European summer of 2012.

A&R Background[edit]

Jerome Sydenham was recruited into the prestigious A&R division of Atlantic Records in 1989. In five years, he was able to hone his business skills in a major label environment, lending A&R direction to artists such as En Vogue, LeVert, Simply Red and Das EFX, attaining Gold and Platinum certifications.

In 1994, while at East West Records, owned by Warner Music Group, his underground dance music interests continued to run in tangent with his commercial A&R work as he largely succeeded in crossing dance over to the mainstream with albums by Ten City and Michael Watford. During this time, he also compiled one of the most significant representations of early 90's deep house with his "Underground Dance Classics Vol. 1" CD showcasing some of the earliest productions from a young Roger Sanchez, Murk and Pal Joey. It was there where he also met Kerri Chandler, releasing one of his records on Atlantic in 1990. The two would continue to be close friends and collaborators later in life along with Dennis Ferrer and Joe Claussell.[3]

Music career[edit]

Jerome Sydenham landed his first DJ residency at the legendary New York hot spot Nell's in 1987, which featured cutting-edge DJs such as Miss Kier from Deee-Lite. He passed a demo cassette to the venue and got a call to play when another DJ cancelled. Jerome Sydenham continued to play there for four years. As a DJ, he is known for his seemingly effortless ability to blend between genres of electronic music. His DJ sets veer from deep, intricate, chugging Techno, to jackin' Tech-house, into huge anthemic House moments in the classic vein. By 1995, his DJ career went international while touring with Joe Claussell and Kerri Chandler.

That landmark year of his career, Jerome Sydenham also founded the Ibadan Records label and by 2000, his imprint was known for pioneering a fresh Tech-house sound with co-producer Dennis Ferrer. The series led to a string of current club hits including hot releases such as "Timbuktu", "Stockholm Go Bang!" and the crossover hit, "Sandcastles". In 2006, Sydenham followed up with two monumental remixes "He Is" and Julian Jabre's "Swimming Places", establishing a reputation for beautiful, emotive deep house tracks. He is also known for sharing Dennis Ferrer's love for hypnotic, soulful, sexy Techno – bringing an undeniable warmth to an often emotionally cold genre of music. Other notable releases include collaborations with Get Physical's Swedish talent Tiger Stripes and their hugely acclaimed "Elevation" as well as their joyous remix of Faze Action's classic "In The Trees". Ibadan Records continues to be one of the most respected labels in its genre today, relied on for its consistent quality and relevancy in the ever-evolving scene of dance music.

Sydenham's desire to push the creative envelope took him into the world of Techno with the hit Asama, with which he launched the German-based label Apotek Records. The year 2007 also saw the initiation of a new label collaboration, Avocado Records, established in Denmark with heavy weight producer Rune RK with the monster track "Elephant". In 2011, Jerome Sydenham took his music interests eastwards with the establishment of Midnight Shift Records based in Asia.

A&R Achievements[edit]

Jerome Sydenham received the follow Gold and Platinum records during his A&R involvement at Atlantic Records and East West Records:

Gold Records[edit]

  • Yo-Yo – "You Can't Play with my Yo-Yo" feat Ice Cube (single) (1991)
  • LeVert – "Private Line" (single) (1991)
  • En Vogue – "My Lovin" (first single from Funky Divas) (1992)
  • En Vogue – "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" (second single from Funky Divas) (1992)
  • En Vogue – "Free Your Mind" (third single from Funky Divas) (1992)
  • En Vogue – "Give It Up, Turn It Loose" (fourth single from Funky Divas) (1993)
  • Da Lench Mob – "Guerillas in Tha Mist" (album) (1992)
  • The Family Stand – "Ghetto Heaven" (album) (1990)
  • Das EFX – "They Want EFX" (single) (1992)
  • Das EFX – "Straight Up Sewaside" (album) (1993)

Platinum records[edit]

  • En Vogue – "Born to Sing" (album) (1990)
  • En Vogue – "Funky Divas" (album) (1990), US 5x Platinum
  • En Vogue – "Hold On" (single from Born to Sing) (1992)
  • Simply Red – "Stars" (album) (1991), US 12x Platinum
  • Snow – "12 Inches of Snow" (album) (1992)
  • Snow – "Informer" (single) (1992)
  • Das EFX – "Dead Serious" (album) (1992)

Label Management[edit]

Jerome Sydenham and his label, Ibadan Records, managed together with Christine Pedersen, is principal to several labels including:

Selected Discography[edit]

Ibadan Records EPs[edit]

  • 2012: White Light (Remixes) (vs Function)
  • 2012: I Adventure (with No Mad Ronin)
  • 2011: Natural Spray (with Aschka)
  • 2010: White Light (vs Function)
  • 2010: Mobile / Skimming / Incense (with Function)
  • 2010: Thick & Thin (with Argy and DJ Said)
  • 2009: Jango 01
  • 2009: Jango 02 (with Nikola Gala and DJ Oji)
  • 2009: Brooklyn Rock (with Nikola Gala)
  • 2008: Ebian (with Texu and Romantic Couch)
  • 2008: Elevation & F12 Remixes (with Tiger Stripes)
  • 2008: In the Barber Shop
  • 2007: Timbuktu (with Dennis Ferrer)
  • 2006: Sandcastles (with Dennis Ferrer)
  • 2006: Son of Raw / Undertow / Back Door (with Dennis Ferrer)
  • 2006: № 8 – Elevation (with Tiger Stripes)
  • 2005: Stockholm – Go Bang! (with Mikael Nordgren)
  • 2005: Candela (with Kerri Chandler)
  • 2005: Je Ka Jo (with Kerri Chandler)
  • 2000: Àró

Apotek EPs[edit]

  • 2011: The Canine EP
  • 2010: Vanishing Point / Weather System
  • 2010: Big Yam
  • 2010: Incidental (with Xhin)
  • 2010: Black Ice / Circus of Life / Bang Me
  • 2009: My Pet Gorilla / Tonto / Museum of Modern
  • 2009: Judgement EP
  • 2008: The Puzzle (Jerome Sydenham's Mighty Dub) / Congo (with Hideo Kobayashi)

Avocado EPs[edit]

  • 2010: Inside (with Rune RK)
  • 2009: The Flight (with Rune RK)
  • 2008: Peter Pan / Snow Bored (with Rune RK)
  • 2007: Elephant (with Rune RK)

UK Promotion EPs[edit]

  • 2010: Sting
  • 2009: Feel It / I'm In / Benevolent Red (with Iroko and Club Lonely)
  • 2009: Powerless / Deep Fried (with Ricky L)
  • 2009: Ecoute! / Jor-El
  • 2008: Darkroom / Sodom
  • 2007: Blacktro (Demo 1) / Spiritual Insurrection (with Joe Claussell)

Other Recent Releases[edit]

  • 2011: Trombipolution Pt.2, Drumcode
  • 2010: Mutualism System (with Timo Garcia), Noir Music
  • 2010: Trombipolution, Drumcode
  • 2010: Mi Estudio / Two Ninety One (with Pfirter and Function), CLR Records
  • 2010: The Visitation / Rump / Cowboy / The Scavenger, Drumcode

Selected Remixes[edit]

DJ Mixes/Compilations[edit]

  • 2008: Need 2 Soul with Ron Trent, Need2Soul
  • 2007: Pan-African Electro (Vol. 1), Ibadan Records
  • 2007: Museum Thalia CD 1 mixed by Jerome Sydenham, New World Records
  • 2006: Space Lab Yellow – Jerome Sydenham Live Vol. 1, Ibadan Records / P-Vine Records
  • 2005: Ibadan People, Ibadan Records
  • 2003: Explosive Hi-Fidelity Sounds, Ibadan Records / BBE
  • 2002: Electric Pussycat, BBE

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