Jeronim Vidulić

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Jeronim Vidulić (? - Zadar, 1499) was a Croatian Renaissance poet.


He lived in the 15th century in the city of Zadar. He belonged to civilian family. He was a priest, but has been also mentioned (1456) as a notary for the city and the county of Zadar. He died in 1499.


The only preserved - though in a bit damaged state - Vidulić's poem in Croatian, Ako mi ne daš lik, composed in six dodecasyllabic quatrains, is the proof of the existence of troubadour-Petrarchan school of poetry in the middle of 15th century in Zadar, beside the city of Dubrovnik. The poem was found written on one official document and, of course, it is not certain whether Vidulić is the author or just a scribe. Vidulić is also an educated Humanist, has used Glagolitic script, and has in a certain way a predecessor of Petar Zoranić.