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Jerry Agar is a conservative talk radio personality. Since 2010, he has been host of the Jerry Agar Show on CFRB.

Life and career[edit]

Agar was born in Manitoba but has spent much of his career on the US talk radio circuit. After years of working as a disc jockey in Canada he moved to the United States and became a talk radio host at WPTF in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2000.[1] He subsequently moved to KMBZ in Kansas City, WABC-AM in New York City and WLS-AM and WGN-AM in Chicago.[2] He was a substitute host on G. Gordon Liddy's satellite radio show and Mark Levin's show. In February 2010, Agar joined CFRB in Toronto as host of The Jerry Agar Show on weekday mornings. He is a host on Sun News television from 3 to 5 pm Eastern weekdays and is a regular Tuesday columnist for the Toronto Sun.

Agar has published op-ed pieces in various American newspapers and was a featured columnist for the Kansas City Business Magazine.[2] He was also a multimedia fellow with the Illinois Policy Institute.


Agar has shown skepticism about the effects of global warming on polar bears and has written many blog entries critical of the current scientific consensus on global warming.[3]

Agar is a strong advocate for the War on Drugs [4] and has been very critical of the safe injection site Insite, the only legal supervised injection site in North America. This position has been the source of criticism.[5]

Agar has also been critical of Gay Straight Alliances being forced onto Ontario Catholic schools as an effort to combat bullying.[6]


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