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Jerry Martini (born October 1, 1943) is an American musician, best known for being the saxophonist for Sly and the Family Stone.[1]

Martini was born in Denver, Colorado. It was at his suggestion that Sly and the Family Stone came about, and he became one of its key figures.[citation needed] He performed with the band from its inception in 1967 to its demise in 1975. Later, he appeared on Sly Stone's first album as a leader on Larry Graham's Graham Central Station fourth album.[clarification needed] He was also in the band Rubicon during the late 1970s.[citation needed]

In 2004–2005, he helped form the tribute band FamilyStoneExperience bringing together several Family Stone alumni, including Greg Errico, Cynthia Robinson, Dawn Silva and Gail Muldrow amongst others.[2]

In 2006, after a stint with Prince's touring band (which also featured Sly alumnus Larry Graham), he reunited with the original Family Stone.


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