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Jerry McMorris (October 9, 1940 – May 8, 2012) was the principal owner of the Colorado Rockies of the National League from 1992 through 2005. A limited partner in the ownership group that founded the Rockies in the early 1990s, he joined with meatpacking heirs Charlie and Dick Monfort to buy controlling interest in the team after original owner Mickey Monus was embroiled in an accounting scandal. In 2005, McMorris sold his stake of the franchise to the Monforts.

McMorris died on May 8, 2012 from pancreatic cancer at the age of 71 in a hospital in Aurora, Colorado.[1]


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Jerry McMorris was a student entrepreneur long before the Leeds School became acclaimed for its entrepreneurship program. As a 19-year-old sophomore in 1959, McMorris (BS ’62, management) purchased a small trucking company that ran between Denver and Golden. He had three trucks and several employees. It was a big opportunity and a major challenge to run a company while going to school, but his student business grew into a 40 year career running NW Transport Services, one of the largest trucking companies in North America. He went on to graduate from Colorado business school in 1962. He later stated that Leeds had given him a perspective he would later use to expand the small truck line into one of the largest common carrier freight companies of the 70s and 80s and 90s, until its Caiming of a Chapter 11 bankruptsy. In 1992 he was named Master Entrepreneur of the year and in 1993 Colorado Business man of the Year. While building a mammoth freight carrier, he also bought land to develop a sod business called Timnath Farms, where he and his Mary and their family lived for a number of years, until his acquisition of a huge ranch that included land in both Colorado and Wyoming. He was a very private man who believed that what he put into his companies in benefits to his employees would return to him many times over. |- ! colspan="3" style="border-top: 5px solid #78FF78;" |Sporting positions |- style="text-align: center;" |- style="text-align:center;" |style="width:30%;" rowspan="1"|Preceded by
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