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The Summit Diner in Summit, New Jersey, is a prototypical "rail car" style diner. Built by the O'Mahony Company in 1938.
Collin's Diner, North Canaan, Connecticut, USA.

The Jerry O'Mahony Diner Company of Elizabeth, New Jersey, whose motto was "In our line, We lead the world", was said to have produced 2,000 diners from 1917 to 1941, and became the largest manufacturer of its period.[1] The roadside diners referred to are long, narrow, primarily metal buildings, prefabricated in a factory, and trucked to the location. They resemble and are often confused with actual railroad rolling stock removed from their wheels but these buildings were never railroad cars.

Pre-war streamline moderne style diners[edit]

There are at least 26 pre-war Streamline Moderne style O'Mahony diners (diners built between 1932-1941) still in existence. These include the smaller 50' x 10' Mickey's Diner serial # 1067 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, which is one of several listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the 40' x 16' Collin's Diner serial # 1103 in North Canaan, Connecticut, and the 1938 Summit Diner in Summit, N.J. The Road Island Diner (O'Mahony Dining Car #1107) was added to the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service on August 21, 2009.[2]

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