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Schilling, with an image of Elvis

Jerry Schilling (born 6 February 1942 in Memphis, Tennessee) is a veteran music industry professional, best known for his association with Elvis Presley since 1954 (see Memphis Mafia). He briefly managed The Beach Boys and Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie.

Elvis and Jerry[edit]

They met on Sunday, July 11, 1954. Jerry was only 12 and was called out by Red West to join them, (including Elvis,) in a football game. Elvis was the quarterback and threw a pass at Jerry. Since it was such a good catch, Jerry was called back to play games every Sunday for a couple of years until Elvis was too busy travelling to be able to play. A couple of years later Jerry paid a visit to Elvis and rekindled their friendship. Not so long after, Elvis asked Jerry to join his team of bodyguards, the so-called "Memphis Mafia," and he agreed. A couple of hours later, they were ready to hit the road.

As their friendship grew, Elvis bought Jerry a house, in which he still lives today.

He co-edited "Elvis On Tour" with Martin Scorsese.

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