Jersey City A's

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Jersey City A's
Founded in 1978
Jersey City, New Jersey
Current Double-A (1978-1979)
Minor league affiliations
Division Eastern League
Major league affiliations
Current Oakland Athletics (1978)
Previous Cleveland Indians (1977)
Team data
Ballpark Roosevelt Stadium
Manager John Kennedy

The Jersey City A's were a minor league baseball team based in Jersey City, New Jersey which played in the Eastern League for the 1978 season and was the AA affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. The team changed their name from the Jersey City Indians after being affiliated with the Cleveland Indians the previous year. After the team's home, Roosevelt Stadium, suffered damage in a winter storm (two light stanchions were toppled and not repaired), the team moved to Waterbury, Connecticut for the 1979 season and became the Waterbury A's. This marked the end of professional baseball in Jersey City, with the stadium being torn down in 1984 for residential development. One notable player on the 1978 A's team was a young Rickey Henderson, who reportedly called the stadium "a dump" and thought that "it should have been blown up." The team was acquired in 1979 and moved to become the Buffalo Bisons.


Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1978 54-83 6th John Kennedy


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