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Jersey Coastguard emergency response vehicle in St Helier harbour.

The Jersey Coastguard is the coastguard service of the Government of Jersey. It is responsible for the provision of coastguard services throughout Jersey, an independent Crown dependency located near to northern France. Its main responsibilities are safety at sea, maritime security and law enforcement, search and rescue services (with partner agencies), and protection of the marine environment.[1]

Jersey Coastguard is one of the partner agencies which, with the Port Authority, form "Jersey Harbours" which has been designated by the Government as a "States trading organisation" promoting reliable and sustainable use of all harbour and maritime facilities and services across Jersey.

The Coastguard operates land vehicles liveried as "Coastguard" with the service logo; these include port service vehicles, and emergency response vehicles fitted with sirens and strobing blue lights. Small boats are also operated, and the Coastguard cooperates with the RNLI for the provision of off-shore lifeboat services, and beach lifeguard services. "Channel Islands AirSearch" works with the Coastguard service on search and rescue operations, and therefore the Coastguard does not maintain its own aircraft.


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