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Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City
Cover of Jerusalem, by Guy Delisle.jpg
Cover of the English-language edition
Author Guy Delisle
Cover artist Guy Delisle
Language French, English, Spanish
Genre Graphic novel, Memoir
Publisher Drawn and Quarterly
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 320

Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City, originally published in French as Chroniques de Jérusalem, is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Guy Delisle. Jerusalem is a travelogue and memoir in which Delisle recounts his trip to Jerusalem and other parts of Palestine and the occupied West Bank with his two young children and his long-term partner, Nadège, who went there to do administrative work for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).


The book recounts Delisle's year-long trip to Jerusalem with his long-term partner, Nadège, and their two young children. They arrived in August 2008.[1]


Before Jerusalem, Delisle had previously written three other graphic novel travelogues. They are, in order of publication: Shenzhen, about his trip to Shenzhen, an economic hub of Southern China; Pyongyang, about his stay in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea; and Burma Chronicles, about his stay in Rangoon, the then-capital of Burma.[2] He went to Shenzhen and Pyongyang for his work in animation, while he went to Burma to accompany his partner, Nadège, as she did her work for MSF.[citation needed] While in Jerusalem, Delisle again worked primarily as a stay-at-home dad, taking care of their two young children while Nadège was working.[2]

When it was released in English in April 2012, it was perhaps Delisle's most-anticipated book.[1]

Style and themes[edit]

Delisle uses simple line drawings that are "plain and clean and casual without being sloppy".[2] And although Jerusalem is Delisle's first book to feature color,[1] Delisle uses it only sparingly, to center attention on certain important objects, including maps, loud noises, or memories.[2]

In the book, Delisle frequently encounters aspects of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and depicts arguments from each side and openly divulges where his sympathies lie.[3]


Tim Peters of Slant Magazine summed up, "As a whole, the book is both enjoyable and instructive; it makes you chuckle and grin, and it makes you feel like a more informed, concerned citizen of the world."[2][4][5][6]


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