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The Royal Society of Literature Jerwood Awards for Non-Fiction are financial awards made to assist new writers of non-fiction to carry out new research, to devote more time to writing.[1] The award is administrated by the Royal Society of Literature on behalf of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

Recipients must have a publishing contract and be citizens of either the UK or Ireland, or have been residents in one of these for at least the last three years.[2]




  • Ramita Navai for City of Lies: The Undercover Truth About Tehran, Weidenfeld & Nicholson (£10k)
  • Edmund Gordon for Angela Carter: The Biography, Chatto (£5k)
  • Gwen Adshead for A Short Book About Evil, Jessica Kingsley (£5k)


  • James Macdonald Lockhart for "Raptor: A Journey Through Britain's Birds of Prey", Fourth Estate (£10k)
  • Gerard Russell for "Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms", Simon & Schuster (£5k)
  • Helen Smith for "Edward Garnett: The Uncommon Reader", Jonathan Cape (£5k)
  • Polly Morland for "The Society of Timid Souls, or How to Be Brave", Profile (£2k)


  • Alexander Monro for "The Paper Trail", Penguin (£10k)
  • Roger Beam for "Englandspiel", Haynes (£5k)
  • Jonathan Beckman for "Cardinal Sins: Marie Antoinette and the Affair of the Necklace", Fourth Estate (£5k)


  • Caspar Henderson for "The Book of Barely Imagined Beings", Granta (£10k)
  • Miles Hollingworth for "St Augustine: An Intellectual Biography", Continuum (£5k)
  • Selina Mills for "Life Unseen: How Blindness Shaped the West", IB Tauris (£5k)




  • Carolyn Steel for Hungry City, Chatto (£10k)
  • Sarah Irving for Natural Science and the Origins of British Empire, Pickering & Chatto (£5k)
  • Thomas Wright for Oscar’s Books, Chatto (£5k)



  • Jim Endersby for A Guinea Pig’s History of Biology, Heinemann (£10k)
  • Roland Chambers for The Last Englishman – The Double Life of Arthur Ransome, Faber (£5k)
  • John Stubbs for Reformed Soul - the Life of John Donne, Viking (£5k)


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