Jery Sandoval

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Jery Sandoval
Born Jery Luz Sandoval Sanabria
(1986-12-18) December 18, 1986 (age 28)
Other names Jery
Occupation Singer, Composer, Actress and Model
Years active 2000 Presents
Style Pop

Jery Sandoval (born 18 December 1986, in Barranquilla, Colombia) is an actress, model and singer. In Colombia, she is known for her role of María Reyes in Los Reyes, a Colombian version of an Argentinian telenovela called Los Roldán, she also starred on a Televisa Mexican telenovela Código Postal as Regina Corona.. Most recently, she appeared on MTV LA's Popland television series.

Early life[edit]

Jery Sandoval, was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and from a very early age lived at Carmen de Bolivar. There she studied at a Catholic school. Her artistic ability was demonstrated at 12 years of age; it was natural since her family had always sponsored her interest in singing and music. Sandoval began singing in her school's tuna (student orchestra). When she was 12, became part of a group called "Notas y Colores," at Carmen de Bolivar, which sang ballads and afroantilian music. In addition, with her cousin Luis they formed another group, which they won first place in a singing contest in Sincelejo. Between 14 and 16, Jery traveled constantly between Barranquilla and Bogota. She knew people in the music business who asked her to record her first CD. She wrote several songs, among them "Te Amo", "Cómo Dejarte" and "Mi Primer Día sin Ti". In 2001, thanks to Iván Corredor Julio Navarra's agency, Sandoval participated in "Miss Miércoles", winning second position. Later, she got into television working in the local channel Telebarranquilla in a program called Entre la Rubia y la Morena.

In television[edit]

On her 16th birthday, after having finished secondary school, Sandoval and her mother went to the Colombian capital to pursue the teenager's dream of being a singer. One day she met Iván Ramirez in a recording studio, who asked to represent her. She accepted, and just a short time later he sent her to be cast in the protagonist role in the series Al Ritmo de tu Corazón, recorded 40 episodes. When the producers of RCN TV saw her in the series, they proposed casting her for a role in Los Reyes. For this casting Sandoval tried several roles, first "Pilar", later "Hilda", and soon "Maria" the role that she landed. Sandoval prepared with Rubén di Pietro, and a month later the telenovela's production started. Los Reyes became a hit in Colombia reaching a 43.6% rating (comparable level to Betty la Fea). Its shooting days however became long and debilitating (at two episodes a day) causing the defection of several actors, among them Sandoval who, aside from the hours dedicated to the soap opera (7:00 to 22:00 either the more) had to be studying English until 4:00.

In March 2006, Sandoval traveled to Mexico to audition for the Televisa series Código Postal, and became the first Colombian actress to star in Mexican television next to Verónica Castro, she was given the role of "Regina Corona" the series ran until October 2006.

Singing career[edit]

In February 2007, she went to Puerto Rico to begin musical production with White Lion Records, her producer being Elías de Léon, and has traveled between Puerto Rico and Bogota. From the beginning of 2008 she has been in Miami finishing her music recording with Universal Records and learning English at the University of Miami. early 2011, travels to New York where jery is invited to appear as a guest on the hit song called Ella from the Dcan Guff rapper, and the song Todito De Ti also featuring Dcan Guff, but this time in a big close up in the urban music, where both songs became in total hits

MTV Popland[edit]

Jery Sandoval will be on a soap opera called Popland produced by MTV Networks Latin America, written by Marcelo Camacho and Claudia Bono. Her character is Nicole is the hot noter of Popland and Guga's girlfriend. It was a model and is aware that generates desire in their co-workers (in fact, use it as a weapon to achieve its tasks). Claims to have 22, but well over 27 (say they have falsified their documents). Always very sexy and tight clothes, and use to anyone as to get what she wants. In the future, want to be like Katherine, whom he admired above all. In the past not much is known (or rather: do not know what to believe and what not, because their stories are not very reliable).

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