Jerzy Jazłowiecki

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Jerzy Jazłowiecki
Coat of arms Abdank


Mikołaj Jazłowiecki
Hieronim Jazłowiecki
Michał Jazłowiecki Druzjanna Jazlowiecki
Noble family Jazłowiecki
Father Mikołaj Jazłowiecki
Mother Ewa Podfilipski
Born 1510
Died 1575

Jerzy Jazłowiecki (1510–1575) was a Polish nobleman (szlachcic) and magnate. Great Crown Hetman 1569–1575, Field Crown Hetman in 1569. Jerzy was voivode of the Podole Voivodship since 1567, of the Ruthenian Voivodship since 1569, and castellan of Kamieniec Podolski since 1564 as well.

In 1564 as royal emissary he was sent to sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. During the interregnum in 1573 he was a proposed candidate of the so-called "Piast party" in the election for the Polish throne. In the late 1550s. he converted to Calvinism and became an ardent supporter of the Polish Reformed Church.

Abdank Jazłowiecki coat of arms