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Jessheim Storsenter is a shopping centre located in the center of Jessheim, Norway. The shopping centre was originally opened in 1968, under the name of Fakkelsenteret. The name roughly translates as 'the torch center' and the center had a sculpture of the Roman goddess Vesta holding a torch that originally was lit by a natural gas flame.

May 31 1979 the shoppingcenter HK-Senteret was established next to Fakkelsenteret. It was built by Harald Kværner (HK) at the same site of his grocery store. HK-Senteret was rebuilt in 1996 and expanded in 1997 by Tore Kværner who at that point had taken over control of the center. The new HK-Senteret reopened November 13 1997 and had space for 35 shops.

Olav Thon purchased Fakkelsenteret in 1998. In 1999 Thon and Kværner initiated a joint operating agreement where the two centers would be joined together. The new combined center was known as Jessheim Storsenter. The new combined center opened in 2003 after a reconstruction that merged the two centers into one large building.

After several expansions, the latest in 2008, the mall has now 144 stores.

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Coordinates: 60°08′34″N 11°10′25″E / 60.14278°N 11.17361°E / 60.14278; 11.17361