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Jessica Bendinger (born November 10, 1966) is an American screenwriter and novelist.

She has written several films, including 2000's Bring It On, 2004's First Daughter and 2006's Aquamarine. She was also a writer and creative consultant for Sex and the City, as well as a producer of the 2005 film The Wedding Date, starring Debra Messing. She also wrote and directed Stick It, released in April 2006 as her directorial debut. Bendinger is a former model who worked for designer Stephen Sprouse and appeared on the runway in the film Slaves of New York.[1] She was named by Glamour Magazine as one of Hollywood’s “Most Powerful Women Under 40” in 2005.[2]

Bendinger's first novel, The Seven Rays was published in 2009 by Simon & Schuster.[3] The story follows 17 year-old, Beth Michaels, who uncovers elements of the supernatural on her journey of self-discovery.

In 2011, Bendinger co-wrote the song "Hurts To Think" on Miranda Lambert’s Four the Record, and "Mostly Grey,” co-written with Emerson Hart, which appears on on his 2014 album "Beauty in Disrepair".

Awards and acknowledgments : Bendinger was inducted into the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences** (AMPAS) in July 2014.


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