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Jessica Jackson Hutchins-Malkmus (born 1971) is an American artist based in Portland, Oregon.[1]

She is a graduate of Oberlin College. The Portland Mercury reported in September 2006 that "her ceramics (steeped in a California funk attitude), papier-mache sculptures, and collages share a crass aesthetic and a preoccupation with the thin line between disaster and success that disguise a genuine attempt to convey ideas about communion, fear, and loneliness." Her show at Reed College's Caseworks drew similar analysis.[2] She is the wife of Pavement band member, Stephen Malkmus.

Recent exhibitions[edit]

"Hours and Ours," small A projects, Portland, OR

Group exhibitions[edit]

  • "Are You With Me?" small A projects, New York, NY
  • "Journey to the Center of Uranus," CANADA, New York, NY
  • "Begin Again Right Back There," curated by B. Wurtz, White Columns, New York, NY
  • "The Jewel Thief," Saratoga Springs, NY

Upcoming exhibitions[edit]

"Shape of Things to Come: New Sculpture" Saatchi Gallery, London, England


Review in The New York Times [1]

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