Jessica Kagan Cushman

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Jessica Kagan Cushman
Jessica Kagan Cushman.jpg
Cushman wearing her bracelets in 2008.
Born Jessica Kagan
April 7, 1958
New York, NY
Occupation Jewelry designer
Spouse(s) Bill Cushman (m. 1980)
Children 1

Jessica Kagan Cushman is an independent jewelry and accessories designer.

Early life[edit]

Cushman was born on April 7, 1958 in New York City. Her father, Vladimir Kagan, is a German-born furniture designer considered an early pioneer of modern American design.[1][2] Her mother, Erica Wilson, was an innovative British embroidery designer who was known as “the Julia Child of needlework.”[3] Cushman graduated from Smith College with a BA in Art History.[4][5] She resides in Redding, Connecticut,[6] with her husband Bill Cushman.[7]


Jewelry and accessories[edit]

After learning scrimshaw from her father and embroidery from her mother,[4] Cushman went into business in 2004, starting out with hand-engraved bracelets.[6] She has since expanded her line to include necklaces, rings, earrings and other accessories. Her items have been featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan,[8] and in numerous other magazines, such as Vogue (UK),[9] Elle,[10] People[11] and InStyle.[12]

Inscribed bracelets[edit]

In 2007, Cushman began hand-engraving fossilized woolly mammoth tusk bangles with whimsical pop culture sayings.[13] Barneys New York was the first store to offer the line.[6] Cushman then began manufacturing a more affordable resin reproduction version.[13] Two years later, Cushman introduced a line of tote bags inscribed with similar phrases,[14] as well as cuffs featuring zodiac constellations in crystals on black resin.[15]


In 2012, Cushman was named one of three rising star finalists by Fashion Group International in the category of fine jewelry.[16]


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