Jesus Good Shepherd School

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Jesus Good Shepherd School
Paaralan ni Hesus na Mabuting Pastol
Motto True To My Faith
Established 1965
Type Private, Catholic, Coeducational
Principal Sr. Doris Arcon, SJBP
Location Good Shepherd St., Palico II,,
Imus, Cavite,
Coordinates 14°25′45.09″N 120°56′36.38″E / 14.4291917°N 120.9434389°E / 14.4291917; 120.9434389Coordinates: 14°25′45.09″N 120°56′36.38″E / 14.4291917°N 120.9434389°E / 14.4291917; 120.9434389
Athletics Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Chess
Nickname JGSS
Yearbook Shepherdines
Newspaper The Little Shepherdines GS
Shepherdines HS
Hymn The Alma Mater Song

Jesus Good Shepherd School (JGSS, Good Shepherd or simply Shepherd), founded in 1965, is a private Catholic coeducational institution at Barangay Palico II, Imus, in the province of Cavite, in the Philippines. JGSS is the first school in the country founded by the Sisters of Jesus Good Shepherd or the Pastorelle Sisters (S.J.B.P.).

The School offers primary education (Junior Kinder & Senior Kinder, Grades 1-6) and secondary education (Grade 7-9 and 4th year high school) with emphasis on Catholic religious education.

Brief history[edit]

The Jesus Good Shepherd School came about in response to the clamor of local parents to have their children educated in a Roman Catholic school. The Pastorelle Sisters inaugurated the first Kindergarten and Grade One with classes in two rooms of the Bishop's residence in Imus. The first regular school day on July 7, 1965, welcomed 132 boys and girls with Sr. Cristina Justo and Sr. Catherine Cleofe as the first kindergarten and grade one teachers, respectively. Thereafter, a new grade level had been added each year.

As the school population grew, an old garage and more rooms had to be transformed into more classrooms, congesting the Bishop's residence. The Pastorelle Sisters eventually purchased a large tract of land in Barangay Palico, Imus, and in 1969, the new school building and campus were inaugurated. From its humble beginning of secluded halls and garage, Jesus Good Shepherd School has grown into a progressive Catholic school for boys and girls.

Golden Jubillee[edit]

On July 7, 2012 they started the 3 year preparation for the golden jubilee in 2015 and the jubilee logo is revealed. JGSS is now on its 49th Year.

Buildings and facilities[edit]

Currently, the fenced campus is composed of three school buildings, a separate gymnasium, a canteen, and the Sister's house.

Main Building[edit]

The Main Building houses the Kindergarten rooms in the ground floor, and the Grade School rooms occupy the second and third floors. It also holds the Principal and Registrar's offices of the Elementary Department, the science laboratory for the intermediate level, activity rooms, and the archives room, which was the old library before it was transferred to the High School building.

Annex Building[edit]

The Annex Building, a two-story structure, is the smallest building in the JGSS campus and houses the rest of the Grade School classes.

High School Building[edit]

The High School building is the newest and the largest of the three buildings. It is a five-story building that houses the E.P.P. room, the library, the Guidance Counselor's office, the Prefect of Discipline's office, the school clinic, and from the second floor to the fifth, the High School rooms.

Gymnasium (Covered Court/Multi-Purpose Hall)[edit]

In late 2007, the Gymnasium was completed and it is now where sports activities are held while also housing the physical education office of the school. The stage inside the gym is now the primary venue where most of the school events are held. It has the largest floor area amongst the buildings in the campus and can hold all the students of the school at once.


The school has a separate canteen which is located next to the Annex building.

The Convent[edit]

The Convent, which often called as the "Blue House" because of its color, is where the nuns and postulates reside and where the students' recollections are done.Other convent is the Yellow House.

Other facilities[edit]

The school grounds also has a large field where volleyball events are held. At the side of the field is the old stage, the venue for the old programs before the gymnasium was built. Behind it is another EPP room where fourth to six graders could come and do their projects.

All around the campus, bahay kubos [nipa huts] are placed wherein students can eat, study and hang out. In addition, there is a covered area for parents waiting for their kids, located in the threshold of Gate 2, main entrance.

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