Jesus Was Way Cool (book)

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Jesus Was Way Cool
Jesus Was Way Cool (book) cover.jpg
Author John S. Hall
Country United States
Language English
Genre Poetry collection
Publisher Soft Skull Press
Publication date
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 86 pp
ISBN 1-887128-15-8
OCLC 228377855
Followed by Daily Negations

Jesus Was Way Cool is a collection of poems by King Missile frontman John S. Hall. It was released by Soft Skull Press in 1997.


  1. "Sensitive Artist"
  2. "Take Stuff from Work"
  3. "The Sandbox"
  4. "Fish"
  5. "Wuss"
  6. "I'm Open"
  7. "The Love Song"
  8. "They"
  9. "How to Remember Your Dreams"
  10. "He Needed"
  11. "Jesus Was Way Cool"
  12. "The Neither World"
  13. "Fourthly"
  14. "Dinosaurs"
  15. "The Way to Salvation"
  16. "Life"
  17. "The Indians"
  18. "Scotland"
  19. "To Walk Among the Pigs"
  20. "My Life"
  21. "How Much Longer?"
  22. "Wind-up Toys"
  23. "Hide the Knives"
  24. "Everybody Screams Inside"
  25. "Francis Bacon"
  26. "Sink"
  27. "Martin Scorsese"
  28. "It's Saturday"
  29. "The Evil Children"
  30. "I'm Sorry"
  31. "Happy Hour"
  32. "Love Is..."
  33. "What If?"
  34. "Let's Have Sex"
  35. "Delores"
  36. "Socks"
  37. "The Commercial"
  38. "A Good Hard Look"
  39. "Hope"
  40. "The Prophecy"
  41. "Happy Note"

Appearances on record[edit]

With the exception of "Hope," each of the poems in the book appears on a King Missile album and/or Hall side project (occasionally with a slightly different title):

  • "Sensitive Artist," "Take Stuff from Work," and "Wuss" appear on 1987's Fluting on the Hump.
  • "Fish," "I'm Open," "The Love Song," "They," and "He Needed" appear on 1988's They.
  • "The Sandbox," "How to Remember Your Dreams," "Jesus Was Way Cool," "The Neither World," and "Fourthly" appear on 1990's Mystical Shit.
  • "Dinosaurs," "The Way to Salvation," "Life," "The Indians," "Scotland," and "To Walk Among the Pigs" appear on 1991's The Way to Salvation.
  • "My Life," "How Much Longer?," "Hide the Knives," "Everybody Screams Inside," and "Francis Bacon" appear on 1991's Real Men.
  • "Wind-up Toys" appears on both Real Men and 1994's King Missile.
  • "Sink," "Martin Scorsese," "It's Saturday," "The Evil Children," "I'm Sorry," and "Happy Hour" appear on 1992's Happy Hour.
  • "Love Is...," "What If?," "Let's Have Sex," "Delores," "Socks," "The Commercial," and "Happy Note" appear on King Missile.
  • "A Good Hard Look" appears on both 1996's The Body Has a Head and 1998's Failure.
  • "The Prophecy" appears on The Body Has a Head.


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