Jesus before Christianity

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Jesus before Christianity is the short title of the book Jesus before Christianity: the Gospel of Liberation, by Albert Nolan. Published London: Darton, Longman and Todd. ISBN 0-232-51373-2. in 1972 (Rev. ed. 1992 and 2001) Also published by Orbis Books (USA). The logic of the title Jesus before Christianity is that before there was Christianity, there was a Jewish Jesus, who was the incarnated Jesus. And this Jesus acted upon the world. The book starts by examining the what regarding the situation of the world in part 1 Catastrophe. It goes on to examine the how of Jesus' action to the world in part 2 Praxis and again the what in part 3 Good News this time regarding the message Jesus brought. Part 4 describes the drama in Conflict between good and bad. Jesus before Christianity thus retains the biblical themes of The Kingdom of God and The Good News.

It is contributes to Theology of Liberation by presenting the Gospel per se as the liberating event.