Jet Boy

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This article is about the 2001 movie. For the 1973 single by the New York Dolls, see Jet Boy (song).
Jet Boy
Directed by Dave Schultz
Produced by Bruce Harvey
Nancy Laing
Screenplay by Dave Schultz
Starring Branden Nadon
Joe Norman Shaw
Matthew Currie Holmes
Dylan Walsh
Kelly Rowan
Music by Byron Foster
Greg Graffin
Cinematography Brian Whittred
Edited by Paul Mortimer
Release dates
September 30, 2001
Running time
99 minutes
Country United States, Canada
Language English

Jet Boy (also known as Moments) is a 2001 Canadian movie filmed across Western Canada. The movie explores a young boy called Nathan (Branden Nadon) and his journey to find his father after his mother dies from a drug overdose. Prior to his journey, Nathan had been prostituting himself, as forced upon him by his mother to support her habit. Nathan embarks on this journey and is soon helped by a traveling stranger called Boon Palmer (Dylan Walsh). The two begin to bond. In Boon, Nathan sees his possible future. In Nathan, Boon sees a chance to rectify his own troubled past.

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