Jet Boy, Jet Girl

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For the song by Hitomi Takahashi, see Jet Boy Jet Girl (Hitomi Takahashi song).
"Jet Boy Jet Girl"
Single by Elton Motello
from the album Victim of Time
A-side Pogo Pogo
Released October 1977 (1977-10)
Format vinyl record (7")
Genre Punk
Label EMI-Bovema/NEGRAM (NL); Lightnin Records (UK); Vogue (FR); Edge (UK)
Writer(s) Alan Ward
Producer(s) Alan Ward
Elton Motello singles chronology
"20th Century Fox"
"Jet Boy, Jet Girl"
"I Am the Marshall"

"Jet Boy, Jet Girl" is a song by Elton Motello about a 15-year-old boy's sexual relationship with an older man, who then rejects him for a girl. With its chorus of "ooh ooh ooh ooh, he gives me head," it has been embraced as something of a gay punk anthem.


On this recording, Elton Motello are:

  • Alan Ward (real name Alan Timms, aka Alan Warst as sound engineer), vocals
  • Mike Butcher (aka Jet Staxx), guitar
  • John Valke, bass
  • Bob Dartch, drums.

"Jet Boy, Jet Girl" has the same backing track as Plastic Bertrand/Lou Deprijck's "Ça Plane Pour Moi". A few months before the vocals for "Ca plane pour moi" were recorded, the record firm used the same backing track with the same musicians to release "Jet Boy, Jet Girl".[1] Alan Ward recorded his song in English. Yvan Lacomblez had written totally different lyrics in French.

Lyrics and controversy[edit]

Alan Ward, the singer behind Elton Motello, was circumspect about the lyrics. "We have all been ripped off at some point in our lives," he said in a magazine interview,

but judging by the emails I receive, my lyric has touched many more people and seems to ring a chord in many more hearts than the French one will ever do. That's why I wrote it. If I was meant to be rich it would have happened. But I am rich in the knowledge that my thoughts will never disappear.

In 1989, the American FCC, acting on a complaint from activist Jack Thompson fined radio station WIOD $10,000 for allowing talk host Neil Rogers to play the song. Thompson considered the song obscene and the FCC agreed with him.


The song has been covered by numerous bands, including Sonic Youth, Captain Sensible & The Softies, The Damned, Chron Gen, The Bamboo Kids, and Crocodiles. The original version received renewed attention when it was included on John Waters' 2007 compilation CD A Date with John Waters.

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