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This article is about the Alphaville song. For other uses, see Jet set (disambiguation).
"Jet Set"
Single by Alphaville
from the album Forever Young
B-side "Golden Feeling"
Released March 1985
Format 7" single
12" maxi
Recorded 1984
Genre Synthpop, new wave
Length 3:40 (7" version)
6:28 (Jellybean mix)
Label Atlantic / WEA
Writer(s) Bernhard Lloyd
Marian Gold
Frank Mertens
Producer(s) Colin Pearson
Wolfgang Loos
Alphaville singles chronology
"Forever Young"
"Jet Set"
"Dance with Me"

Jet Set is the fourth and last single from Alphaville's first album, Forever Young, and was released in March 1985.[1]

Re-recorded and released after founding band member Frank Mertens left the band, the 7" version drops the 'The' from the song's title and is mildly different from the original album version.[1]

Marian Gold said of the song, "We didn't intend to write a proper song; it was supposed to be some kind of jingle that advertises things money can't buy: anarchy, freedom, love, fun and a piece of the end of the world."[2]

Track listings[edit]

7" single
  1. "Jet Set (7" version)" — 3:40
  2. "Golden Feeling" — 3:50
12" single
  1. "Jet Set (Jellybean mix)" — 6:28
  2. "Jet Set (Dub mix)" — 5:07
  3. "Golden Feeling" — 3:50
Promotional 12" single
  1. "Jet Set (Vocal/Jellybean mix)" - 6:28
  2. "Jet Set (Dub mix)" - 5:05
  • The "Vocal/Jellybean Mix" on the promotional 12" is identical to the regular 12" single's "Jellybean" mix
  • A demo of the B-side "Golden Feeling" appeared on 1999's Dreamscapes


"Jet Set" is the first Alphaville single to not hit #1 on any chart in any country.

Chart Peak position
Belgium Singles Chart 26[3]
Germany Singles Chart 11[4]
Sweden Singles Chart 17[3]
Switzerland Singles Chart 13[3]

Other releases[edit]

Versions of this song have appeared on a variety of other Alphaville releases, including:

  1. Dreamscapes (demos and live)
  2. Forever Pop (remix)
  3. Little America (live)
  4. First Harvest 1984-92 (single)

The original 12" version and the b-side "Golden Feeling" were both released on 2014's so80s presents Alphaville.

In popular culture[edit]

  • After the review of The Untouchable Glory (which the song is unofficially used by Godfrey Ho), Internet reviewer Brad Jones had used the song in his series of reviews as The Cinema Snob: once as a fight theme in a review for Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991), and using a snippet of the song as the theme song for a set of episodes focused on Pierre Kirby's martial arts films.


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