Jet Storm

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This article is about the film. For the Transformers character, see Jetstorm.
Jet Storm
"Jet Storm" (1959).jpg
Directed by Cy Endfield
Produced by Steven Pallos
Written by Cy Endfield
Sigmund Miller
Starring Richard Attenborough
Stanley Baker
Hermione Baddeley
Bernard Braden
Music by Thomas Rajna
Cinematography Jack Hildyard
Edited by Oswald Hafenrichter
Distributed by United Producers Releasing Organization
Release date(s) 16 September 1959 UK
Running time 88 min
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Jet Storm is a 1959 British thriller film.

Richard Attenborough stars as Ernest Tilley, a man who lost his daughter in a hit-and-run accident. He tracks down the man responsible for the accident and boards the same plane, threatening to blow up himself and everyone on board as an act of vengeance.

The film is directed and co-written by Cy Endfield. Its cast features Stanley Baker, Hermione Baddeley and Diane Cilento.[1]


Actor/Actress Character
Richard Attenborough Ernest Tilley
Stanley Baker Capt. Bardow
Hermione Baddeley Mrs. Satterly
Bernard Braden Otis Randolf
Diane Cilento Agelica Como
Barbara Kelly Edwina Randolph
David Kossoff Dr. Bergstein
Virginia Maskell Pam Leyton
Harry Secombe Binky Meadows
Elizabeth Sellars Inez Barrington
Sybil Thorndike Emma Morgan
Mai Zetterling Carol Tilley
Marty Wilde Billy Forrester
Patrick Allen Mulliner
Paul Carpenter George Towers
Megs Jenkins Rose Brock
Jocelyn Lane Clara Forrester
Cec Linder Col Coe
Neil McCallum Gil Gilbert
Lana Morris Jane Tracer
George Rose James Brock
Peter Bayliss Bentley
Captain John Crewdson Whitman
Paul Eddington Victor Tracer
Glyn Houston Michaels
Peter Illing Gelderen
Jeremy Judge Jeremy Tracer
George Murcell Saunders
Alun Owen Green
Irene Prador Sophia Gelderen

Critical reception[edit]

  • TV Guide wrote, "thanks to an outstanding cast, this air-disaster film manages to limp to a landing with its "thriller" status intact." [2]
  • The Radio Times noted, "a star turn for Attenborough, who brings a convincing complexity to the role of bomber and bereft father." [3]

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