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A Jet trainer is typically a turbofan or turbojet powered training aircraft, intended either for general aviation flying training or for more advanced jet aircraft training. Jet trainers are typically divided into civilian and military, and custom designs versus versions of existing aircraft. The phrase can be used to imply a trainer for jets, not to be confused with aircraft that are "jet trainers", e.g. aircraft with a jet turbine engine designed for pilot training.

Jet trainer types[edit]

Some significant examples of jet trainers include:

Military jet training[edit]

Naval jet trainers[edit]

Other types of jet trainer include larger aircraft such as the T-43 Flying Classroom, as well as civilian jet training aircraft.

Alternate purposes[edit]

Jet trainers are often adapted to other purposes, and many dedicated jet trainers are designed with non-training features from the design stage. For instance, the Cessna T-37 was developed into the A-37 Dragonfly, while the P-80 Shooting Star jet fighter was adapted to become the T-33 Shooting Star jet trainer. Naval jet trainers can also be adapted from existing designs, for example the T-45 Goshawk is a fully carrier-capable version of the Hawk Mk.60.[2][3]


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