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The Celtic Cross, emblem of Jeune Nation later re-used by Far right movements such as Ordre Nouveau

Jeune Nation was a French nationalist movement founded by Albert Heuclin, and with members including Jean Marot, Jacques Wagner and the brothers Sidos, François Sidos (president of the movement), Jacques Sidos and Pierre Sidos (secretary general and later president).


The emblem of Jeune Nation was the Celtic cross, "symbol of universal life" and an element of Christian imagery.

4th Republic[edit]

On the 22 October 1949, the movement was present for the first time at the siege of the Napoleonic area in rue du Cirque. On the 28 March 1950, they were officially declared to the Prefecture of Police.

Algerian War[edit]

They were dissolved in 1958 during the Algerian War after a series of violent episodes. After its dissolution, they announced their merger with the OAS, with a joint name of the Nationalist Party, and the same emblem.

May 68[edit]

The legitimate heir of the Jeune Nation movement is Œuvre française created by Pierre Sidos in 1968 during the events of May 68.

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