Jewel of Indra

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Jewel of Indra
Platform Blaxxun
Owner The Project
Founder Robin Morgan
City Mayor Badgirl

Jewel of Indra is an adults-only virtual 3D chat community. The first of its kind, it was launched in April 2003. It was created by a team of world-wide developers known as "The Project", twenty professional VRML developers, X3D coders, graphic artists and web developers representing France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Belgium and the United States.

Founded by Robin Morgan, who is known as "Badgirl" in-world, the team developed a large virtual community of homes, enclaves, neighborhoods, and community centers using the technology of the Blaxxun platform based on VRML. Jewel of Indra allows its users, who are called "Residents", to interact with each other, join in discussions, participate in community events, go to the in-world movie theater, attend an in-world play at the community theater in the round, browse through the in-world library, and decorate their virtual homes to suit their individual taste and style.[1] Residents are also encouraged to browse through dozens of malls that include furniture shops and boutiques, a greeting card shop, a video store, awards bazaar and several poster shops. In-world items can only be purchased using JOI Bucks (the in-world currency) which are given freely or earned during in-world activities. Jewel of Indra is for adults ages 18 and over.


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