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Jewelpet DVD 17.jpg
Cover of the last DVD volume of the first series, showing the main characters of the Rinko Arc
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Magical girl, Romance Comedy
Anime television series
Directed by Nanako Sasaki
Produced by Kazuya Watanabe
Written by Atsushi Maekawa
Music by Shirō Hamaguchi
Studio Studio Comet
Licensed by Viz Media Europe
Network TV Osaka
TV Tokyo
Kids Station
English network
Original run 5 April 200928 March 2010
Episodes 52 (List of episodes)
Written by Mako Morie
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Pucchigumi
Original run April 2009March 2014
Written by Sayuri Tatsuyama
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Ciao
Original run February 2010September 2010
Anime television series
Jewelpet Twinkle☆
Directed by Takashi Yamamoto
Produced by Hideyuki Kachi
Written by Michiru Shimada
Music by Shirō Hamaguchi
Studio Studio Comet
Licensed by Viz Media Europe
Network TV Tokyo
TV Osaka
Original run 3 April 20102 April 2011
Episodes 52 (List of episodes)
Anime television series
Jewelpet Sunshine
Directed by Takayuki Inagaki
Produced by Hideyuki Kachi
Ryosuke Ono
Written by Yūko Kakihara
Music by Shirō Hamaguchi
Studio Studio Comet
Network TV Tokyo
TV Osaka
Original run 9 April 201131 March 2012
Episodes 52 (List of episodes)
Anime television series
Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!
Directed by Makoto Moriwaki
Produced by Hideyuki Kachi
Ryosuke Ono
Written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Music by Cher Watanabe
Studio Studio Comet
Network TV Tokyo
TV Osaka
Kids Station
Original run 7 April 201230 March 2013
Episodes 52 (List of episodes)
Jewelpet: The Fuss in the Jewel Festival!?
Written by Hiroko Kanasugi
Illustrated by POP
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Kodomo
Imprint Tsubasa Bunko
Published 15 May 2012
Anime film
Jewelpet the Movie: Sweets Dance Princess
Directed by Hiroaki Sakurai
Studio Studio Comet
Released 11 August 2012
Runtime 63 minutes
Anime television series
Jewelpet Happiness
Directed by Hiroaki Sakurai
Produced by Hideyuki Kachi
Ryosuke Ono
Written by Jewel Academy Literature Club
Music by Wataru Maeguchi
Studio Studio Comet
Network TV Tokyo
TV Osaka
Original run 6 April 201329 March 2014
Episodes 52[1] (List of episodes)
Original video animation
Jewelpet Twinkle☆: A Rainbow of Smiles Doki☆Doki!
Directed by Takashi Yamamoto
Written by Michiru Shimada
Music by Shirō Hamaguchi
Studio Studio Comet
Released 22 July 2013
Runtime 24 minutes
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Jewelpet (Japanese: ジュエルペット Hepburn: Juerupetto?) is a 2009 Japanese magical girl anime series based on the Jewelpet franchise jointly created by Sanrio and Sega Sammy Holdings. The series was written by Atsushi Maekawa (Digimon Adventure 02, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Fresh Pretty Cure!) with direction from Nanako Sasaki, screenplay by Takashi Yamada (Yumeiro Pâtissière), and production by Kazuya Watanabe (Onegai My Melody) with character designs from Tomoko Miyakawa. The series is animated by Studio Comet and was aired from 5 April 2009 to 26 March 2010 on TV Osaka and TV Tokyo, replacing Onegai My Melody Kirara★ in its initial timeslot.

Jewelpet marks as Studio Comet's second animation work based on a Sanrio franchise and the second longest running Sanrio Anime series after Kitty Paradise, having a unique storyline, characters and elements revolving around Magic, Witches and Alchemy. The anime expanded into four more series, one movie, three official shōjo manga[2] and one official Light Novel, also moving from its previous broadcaster TV Osaka to TV Tokyo. Each series were completely separate season to season, featuring different characters and storylines.

Viz Media Europe currently licensed both the first series and Twinkle in Southeast Asia and Europe[3] while Luk Internacional handles the license in Portugal with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment handling the distribution rights in Spain.[4] There are currently no plans for an English release in the United States.


Further information: Jewelpet Universe

The anime series consists of eight-story arcs; six main and two sidestories. The six main ones includes the Rinko arc (Jewelpet), the Akari arc (Jewelpet Twinkle☆), the Kanon arc (Jewelpet Sunshine), the Pink arc (Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!), the Chiari arc (Jewelpet Happiness) and the Momona Arc (Lady Jewelpet). The two sub ones includes the Gumimin arc (Sweets Dance Princess) and the Lolip arc (The Fuss in the Jewel Festival!?). All story arcs focus on two human characters as well as the main Jewelpet mascot, Ruby. The stories on all story arcs are completely different but sometimes makes certain references from each season.

Main Story Arcs[edit]

Rinko arc (Jewelpet)

The first arc of the series, called the Rinko Arc focuses on the main heroine Rinko Kougyoku and the series is set in the fictional Takaragaseki City, a setting modeled after two famous cities in Japan, Tokyo and Osaka.

Akari arc (Jewelpet Twinkle☆)

The second arc of the series which focuses on the main heroine named Akari Sakura. The series is set majorly in both Jewel Land and in the human world, more specifically Akari's hometown in Hayama, Kanagawa,[5] with the production staff going to the town for inspiration of the anime's location.

Kanon arc (Jewelpet Sunshine)

The third arc of the series which focuses on the main heroines Kanon Mizushirou and Ruby. The story focuses on the Plum Section's hilarious adventures and tests in Jewel Land's Sunshine Academy while discovering themselves and stopping the dreaded Dark Jewel Magic. The series is set majorly in Jewel Land.

Pink arc (Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!)

The fourth story arc of the series which focuses on the main heroine Pink Oomiya. The whole series is a complete departure to the previous three series, which now involves a Super Sentai-like team called "Kiradeko 5". Alongside Pink, they were partnered with their Jewelpet Partners on their search for the legendary Deco Stones and save the human world from Eternal Darkness.

Chiari arc (Jewelpet Happiness)

The fifth story arc of the series which focuses on the main heroine Chiari Tsukikage. Happiness adapts elements from High School and Cafe managing, referencing it closer to the third mothership anime, Jewelpet Sunshine. The story focuses on Ruby and her friends managing the Jewelpet Café while attending the Jewel Academy and collecting Magic Jewels for the Magical Jewel Box.

Momona arc (Lady Jewelpet)
See also: Lady Jewelpet

The sixth story arc focusing on Momona, a regular middle schooler who got transported to the Jewel Palace to become a Petit Lady. Lady adapts elements from classic Shojo anime and focuses more of serious themes such as abandonment, revenge, trust and friendship. It is also the first series in the franchise in which the minor Jewelpets plays a much minor role unlike the main Jewelpets.

Sub Story Arcs[edit]

Gumimin arc (Sweets Dance Princess)

The first sub-arc of the anime metaseries, focusing on the Sweetspet Gumimin and the Princess of the Sweetsland Kingdom, Princess Mana. Considered to be separate arc to the main 4, which has no involvement with the characters from the main anime, the Movie is a completely different story which focuses entirely on the Jewelpets and the Sweetspets themselves.

Lolip arc (The Fuss in the Jewel Festival!?)

The second sub-arc of the anime metaseries, focusing on the Jewelpet Lolip. Like the Mana arc, this arc is also not officially linked to the anime and also the first arc to be released in novel form. The arc tells the story about Lolip's experiences and bond with Ruby and her friends while setting up the Jewel Festival in Jewel Land.


The entire anime franchise are majorly both set in two worlds: Jewel Land and Earth, on which both worlds co-exist together in secrecy. Jewel Land is described itself a world where all magicians and Jewelpets live, with the Pets attending the Magic Academy to study magic and Alchemy in hopes to graduate into a full-pledged magician. Each location in Jewel Land however differs between each series, creating different canonical universes.

Earth is also the series's main setting on which the humans live. But only a few human beings knew about Jewel Land's existence throughout each season when discovering the Jewelpets. Sometimes Earth is not mentioned in the later series, thought officially shown in some episodes.



In the magical world of Jewel Land, three magicians turned the Jewelpets into Jewel Charms so they can rest calmly in the Dream Forest while cleaning the town, with the exception of Ruby, a white rabbit who likes to goof off. But during the pelican's delivery of the charms in the forest, a strong wind blew him off, causing the Jewel Charms to scatter all across Takaragaseki City on Earth. Ruby, now being punished, is sent to Earth to retrieve her friends. On Earth, a student named Rinko along with her friend Minami saw a group of shooting stars, not knowing that the pets were scattered in the city they live in. After that, Rinko was on her balcony observing the night sky and saw one pink shooting star and fell into her water glass and became a Red Jewel Charm. The next day, she and her friend goes to the jewelry store to examine the jewel, but then got into a jewelry store robbery. They were saved by a boy named Keigo Tatewaki and saw the red jewel Rinko has. He then explained to them that he was working for a special organization which is linked to the great magicians of Jewel Land and told them about the Jewelpets and also told them that all of them were scattered all over town. Rinko accepted the offer on gather all the Jewelpets back to Jewel Land and awakened Ruby using the Jewel Pocketbook. Now teaming up with Minami and Aoi, it is now their task to gather all the Jewelpets together and take them back to Jewel Land before an evil Jewelpet named Diana finds them first. As the Series Progresses, the main heroines uncover new Jewelpets on their way. But at the same time, Dian, another Jewelpet who can use Dark Magic awakens from his Jewel Charm State. And now the heroes have to face him and the havoc and chaos that will be caused in both Jewel Land and the Human World.

Jewelpet Twinkle☆

In Jewel Land, Jewelpets, a group of animals who have the natural ability to use magic lived in harmony with the Magicians attending the Magic Academy to learn how to use magic with their Jewel Eyes. However Ruby, a white Japanese Hare whose magic sometimes fails, is appointed to go to the Human World to search for a partner whose feelings of her heart matches hers. But when she uses the card that the magicians give her, she is sent to the Human World by accident. There, a girl named Akari Sakura meets her on the beach on her way to school. At first, Akari can't understand her due to her Jewel Land Language, but Ruby eats a special candy so she can speak and understand human language. As the day passes, Ruby knows about her problems in school and later apologized, saying that she didn't know Akari's personal problems as she tries to cheer her up. As Akari accepts Ruby, a Jewel Charm appears on her hand and she realizes that she was chosen by Ruby to be her partner. After that, she decides to become a student in Jewel Land along with Ruby as they are aiming to collect 12 Jewel Stones get into the Jewel Star Grand Prix. The prize is that three of any wish they want will be granted.

Jewelpet Sunshine

Jewel Land is a magical place where creatures known as Jewelpets, live. Part of Jewel Land is the Sunshine Academy, a school where both Humans and Jewelpets attend to study in high school. Ruby, a white Japanese hare Jewelpet studied in the infamous Class 3 Plum Section of the academy along with her friends, especially her classmate and roommate Kanon Mizushirou. Thought they were known as the "Class of Lost Causes", they all dream on graduating on the academy and pursuing through their dreams, despite the class' dysfunctional behavior and seriously hilarious antics. Ruby and her classmates must do everything they could to graduate, endure a lot of tests and hilarious situations thrown to them and for Ruby, endure her annoying roommate Kanon, sticking together through thick and thin and trying to win the heart of her one and only crush, Mikage Shiraishi.

Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!

In the Legends of Jewel Land, the Jewelpets were born from the love and caring of their queen, Jewelina. However, a strange meteor crashes into the Mirror Ball, destroying it into a million pieces and its fragments called "Deco Stones" were all scattered in Jewel Land. In the present time, Ruby, a Rabbit Jewelpet and owner of the Kira Kira Shop, has a thing on sparkly decorations and loves to collect anything that sparkles and shines. Thought her friends Garnet and Sapphie sometimes thinks that she's strange in some points. However, when she and the others learn about the legend of the Mirror Ball and the Deco Stones, they all decided to go and search for them, until they all meet 5 strange individuals called the KiraDeco 5. The group also has the same goal on wanting to collect the Deco Stones and they befriended the Jewelpets, especially to one of their members: Pink Oomiya. Now, the group need to gather all the Deco Stones and stop the Eternal Darkness from taking over the human world.

Jewelpet Happiness

One day at the magical world of Jewel Land, Lady Jewelina entrusted Ruby the Magical Jewel Box with a mission to make friends and collect Magic Jewels. At the same time she needs to attend the Jewel Academy to do so and open a shop called the Jewelpet Café. However with her friends, things didn't go well as expected as the cafe is considered abandoned and needs a lot of work for them to prosper and to reach that goal Ruby is expecting. But when she met three middle school student named Chiari Tsukikage, Nene Konoe and Ruruka Hanayama, she decides to make friends with then and accepted their help on managing the Jewelpet Cafe. Now, she and her friends now must work together for the cafe to prosper, stick together through good and bad luck as well as protecting the Jewel Box from being stolen.

The Fuss at the Jewel Festival

Jewel Land is a mysterious and yet magical place where all Jewelpets, animals gifted with Jewel Eyes, live. One day, Ruby herself is been busy preparing for this year's Jewel Festival which will be held on her town. But in the midst of the preparations, a new person just moved to town and decides to live with Ruby. Calling herself Lolip, Ruby is unsure if she is a Jewelpet due to her lack of magic skills but she decides to be friends with her on her stay. As the festivities in the upcoming festival were going smoothly, Lolip us having problems on helping everyone in the festival due to lack of any magic skills. However, is this enough for her to know who she really is and to find her own place?

Development and Production[edit]

Shirō Hamaguchi, composer of One Piece also composed the songs for the series prior to series 1–3

The anime's production was first green-lited in 2008 and was announced during the 2009 Tokyo Toy Forum in 14 January 2009 to coincide with the franchise's release.[6][7] Sanrio first contacted Studio Comet if they can make another anime based on their characters, as Onegai My Melody Kirara★ was approaching its conclusion. The studio agreed to do an animated adaptation of the Jewelpet toy line.

Early pitching of the anime didn't involve the Human World at that time and only involves both the Jewel Charms and Jewel Land. Another insetting about the early story pitch is that the main characters are all witches all searching for the Jewelpets and trying to stop the Dark Magic, which is a similar concept to Studio Comet's previous Sanrio anime, Onegai My Melody. During the pitch, the main Jewelpet, Ruby is meant to be polite and tidy character wise. Though Sanrio and Sega decided to alter her personality into a scatterbrained but naughty character, which is reflected by the Jewel she is based on. These changes were also made in the other characters in the franchise, though their birthdate is not changed.

The series underwent several development phases to explore and work on the series with the collaboration from Sega and Sanrio with several new voice actors were hired to voice the main characters including the former Morning Musume member Kamei Eri and AKINA.[8] Promotions of the series were also made and it is meant for the young demographic similar to Onegai My Melody.

Several trailers were aired during the ending episodes of Onegai My Melody Kirara★, before it officially aired on 5 April 2009[9] and ended its broadcast in 28 March 2010.

The series was moderately received during its broadcast in the Kanto Area, being overshadowed by both Dragon Ball Kai and One Piece in terms of ratings. However, with the Jewelpet merchandise already being popular, Sanrio decided to expand the Jewelpet franchise overseas to get the target sale of 5 Billion Yen. The company however earned 6 billion yen in sales due to the anime's popularity, which boosted the franchise greatly that time.

Jewelpet Twinkle
The coast of Hayama, Kanagawa, on where one of the second series' key scenes were based on.

Development of Jewelpet Twinkle began in late 2009 during the first series's airing. Seeing the moderate success of the first series, Sanrio decided to ask Studio Comet to make a second series with a fresh new storyline. During the development, the company decided to change the schedule of the anime from Sunday to Saturday, but retained the airtime and also switched stations from TV Osaka to TV Tokyo.

Newer concepts were also brought into the series such as the use of Jewel Charms as magical items, a different take on casting magic spells on both humans and Jewelpets and introductions to newer character designs that will fit with the storyline. Also, rather than a sequel to the first series, the second is more of a reboot but also referencing concepts from the older series. Twinkle heavily use the concept of the Magic Academy, where Jewelpets study to become full pledge magicians, while incorporating things related to real life schools and academies and is heavily magic-oriented but very serious story-wise.

Location wise, the hometown of Akari Sakura, the series's main human protagonist is based on the town of Hayama, Kanagawa. The production staff went to the place and used it as inspiration for the Anime's setting. These locations in Hayama that's recreated in the anime includes the bus stop near the coast of Hayama and the staircase leading to the Hayama Imperial Villa. Other locations in the said town were also recreated in the anime like the Morito Beach, where Ruby and Akari first met.[10]

Staff from the previous series were brought in to aid into the production of the anime, with the inclusion of Michiru Shimada, Yukiko Ibe and Takashi Yamamoto, who previously worked on the anime adaptation of Nanatsuiro Drops. Takashi Yamada and Yuki Entatsu also returns to produce the anime and aid with the series's script, before Yamada moved on and produced HeartCatch PreCure!. The series debuted in 3 April 2010 and ended in 2 April 2011. Twinkle became an instant success, sales and ratings wise, making the first Sanrio Anime Series to have successful receptions on all target demographics.

Jewelpet Sunshine

Production of Jewelpet Sunshine began in late 2010. With the success of Twinkle, Sanrio and Studio Comet decided to make a third series to cater in more to a much older demographic. The School concept from the last series was adapted but was in a more contemporary setting instead of a magical academy one seen in Twinkle. But the view on how Jewel Land and Earth is seen is much more different than its previous counterparts. Takuyaki Inagaki of Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse directs the series and Yūko Kakihara of Persona 4: The Animation handles the series composition.

Another interesting concept on Sunshine is instead of a full 30-minute episode, each episode is divided into two stories, similar to Onegai My Melody Sukiri and Onegai My Melody Kirara. The slice of life and comedy format from Gin Tama is also used as an inspiration for the anime as well, which is later adapted to the fourth series, Jewelpet Kira Deco. In its story pitching, the entire series is composed of Gag Stories and is considered as a big parody in every episode. References from 1980's Japanese comedy as well as references to Japanese and Western Pop Culture, several TV shows, anime, manga and music in the 1990s, makes the series more unique than the previous two.

Jewelpet Sunshine began airing on 9 April 2011 and ended in 31 March 2012. It received two awards in the 2011 Japanese Otaku Awards due to its unique story plot and references to 80's and 90's pop culture.[11]

Jewelpet Kira Deco!

The fourth series began its production in late 2011. The full episodic format returns in this incarnation as well as adapting the comedy elements from Sunshine for the production of the fourth series. During that time, Shirō Hamaguchi left the production staff to focus on producing some music for the film One Piece Film: Z. During production, Cher Watanabe was hired to do the music for the fourth anime series, and switching the music recording label from Nippon Columbia to Universal Music Japan. Also, the key staff from Onegai My Melody returned to produce the series and Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, who wrote the second season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes is in charge of the series's scripts.

The series relies heavily on Deco, an artistic design style featuring Rhinestones, which is heavily incorporated. Also, the plot is also influenced from Twinkle's magical concepts to Sunshine's gag stories. The story in the fourth series is meant to be softer than the previous 3, but has a high gag value like Sunshine. During the series's pitching, the concept of the anime involves 5 individuals got sent to Jewel Land and were appointed to search for the Deco Stones all across Jewel Land alongside the Legendary Jewelpet. Also, the episode also has a format, which has the main story plus a mini-segment.

During the anime's production, Child Actress Mana Ashida will sing both the Opening and Ending songs of the anime as well.[12] The series premiered in 7 April 2012 and ended in 30 March 2013.

Jewelpet Happiness

The 5th series is first revealed at the March issue of Shogakukan all-girl magazine Pucchigumi. The magazine explains some details on the series's as well as the 40th Jewelpet, Rossa and will be tied in with the recently revealed Jewel Music Pod to by Sega Toys. During the series production, Hiroaki Sakurai, the director of Cromartie High School and the recently released Jewelpet the Movie: Sweets Dance Princess became involved with the series's development. Shuhei Abe, of the show's sound directors revealed in a series of tweets about some of the cast of the series, which includes the main human characters (Megumi Han, Ikumi Hayama and Mai Aizawa)[13] as well as the pets[14] and the other human characters[15] which were later revealed on the official website.

On the press conference held in Sanrio Puroland in 2 April 2013, voice actors Ayaka Saito and Ai Kayano detailed a few things regarding the upcoming series as well as describing Chiari's personality for the anime as being a "goofy yet energetic girl who thinks positively in all circumstances." Saito also stated that this is her 6th time she's voicing Ruby since the first series.[16] Also in the event, the Japanese idol group Fairies also performed the opening theme for the anime, which is announced to be released in Early Summer of 2013.[17] Ito Momoka, one of the members commented that "I’m honored to be able to perform at Sanrio Puroland where I’ve been visited many times.” Regarding the theme song, she said, “Our song is bracing just like the anime, and the choreography to the song is cute which people can emulate!”[18] The series premiered at 6 April 2013 and ended its broadcast in 29 March 2014.



The first anime series officially aired in both TV Osaka and TV Tokyo from 5 April 2009 to 26 March 2010, replacing Onegai My Melody Kirara★ in its initial timeslot. The series is also currently streaming in the Japanese Streaming service U-NEXT.[19]


The success of the first series gained itself several more seasons, each revolving on different protagonist characters and different depictions of Jewel Land. The second series titled Jewelpet Twinkle☆[20] (ジュエルペット てぃんくる☆ Juerupetto Tinkuru☆?) premiered later on TV Tokyo from 3 April 2010 to 2 April 2011 with 52 Episodes. The second series is directed by Takashi Yamamoto of Pokemon, produced by Hideyuki Kachi, who produced the anime adaptation of Tokyo Mew Mew and written by Michiru Shimada, who wrote Nanatsuiro Drops. Character designs were done by Yukiko Ibe. An epilogue OVA episode under the title A Rainbow of Smiles Doki☆Doki! (ほほえみの虹にドッキ☆ドキ! Hohoemi no niji ni dokki ☆ doki!?) will be released on 22 July 2013 alongside the series' BluRay Boxset.

The third series titled Jewelpet Sunshine (ジュエルペット サンシャイン Juerupetto Sanshain?) is also produced and premiered in 9 April 2011 and ended in 31 March 2012,[21] directed by Takayuki Inagaki, who directed Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse and written by Yūko Kakihara, who did Persona 4: The Animation. Character designs were done by Galaxy Angel character designer Mariko Fujita.

The fourth series titled Jewelpet Kira☆Deco! (ジュエルペット きら☆デコッ! Juerupetto Kira☆Deko!?) began airing on 7 April 2012 and ended its broadcast in 30 March 2013.[22] The 4th series is directed by Makoto Moriwaki, who directed Onegai My Melody and written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, who wrote the second season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. Tomoko Miyakawa returns as the character designer for the fourth series.

A fifth series titled Jewelpet Happiness (ジュエルペット ハッピネス Juerupetto Happinesu?)[23] was first revealed on the March Issue of Pucchigumi and premiered on 6 April 2013 and ended in 29 March 2014.[24] The series is directed by Hiroaki Sakurai of Daa! Daa! Daa! and Cromartie High School.

The sixth series titled Lady Jewelpet (レディジュエルペット Redijuerupetto?) is announced by Sanrio via the official Anime Twitter account[25][26] and is scheduled to air on April 5, 2014, to coincide with the Anime's 5th anniversary.[27][28]

A full-length feature film titled Jewelpet the Movie: Sweets Dance Princess (映画ジュエルペット スウィーツダンスプリンセス Eiga Juerupetto: Suuītsu Dansu Purinsesu?) is currently in production. The movie, which is being directed by Hiroaki Sakurai and distributed by Toho. It is aired in Japanese Theaters on 11 August 2012.

A spin-off light novel titled Jewelpet: The Fuss in the Jewel Festival!? (ジュエルペット: ジュエルフェスティバルはおおさわぎ!? Juerupetto: Juerufesutibaru wa ōsawagi!??) was released as part of Kadokawa's Tsubasa Bunko Children's Light Novels on 15 May 2012, written by Hiroko Kanasugi and illustrated by POP. It introduces an exclusive character to the story, a Jewelpet named Lolip (ロリップ Rorippu?) and the story revolves around her experiences and bond with Ruby and her friends while setting up the Jewel Festival in Jewel Land.


Jewelpet has been broadcast in several countries outside Japan due to its popularity. The first series aired in Taiwan on YOYO TV, premiered as part the Boing programming block on the Telecinco television network in Spain in April 2010, the series aired in France via Teletoon France, also aired on Cartoon Network and GMA 7 in the Philippines and aired on Canal Panda in Portugal in January 2011. It was also aired in Italy in February 2011 on Italia 1 and Hiro and it had reruns on Boing.

Twinkle received an international broadcast as well in Spain as part of the Boing programming block and in Portugal aired on Canal Panda. Sunshine also started its international airings in Portugal via Canal Panda. Kira Deco also started its international airings in Portugal in the channel Canal Panda.

The series is or will be available in the following languages, sorted in chronological order of debut:


The music of series 1 to 3 is composed by Final Fantasy music composer Shiro Hamaguchi. Series 4's music is composed by Cher Watanabe, who composed the soundtrack of the anime Maken-ki! and Series 5's music is composed by Wataru Maeguchi, who composed the soundtrack for Hayate the Combat Butler: Can't Take My Eyes Off You. The music is directed by Takuya Hiramitsu in series 1 and Yoshikazu Iwanami in series 2 to 5.

For the first series, Two songs were made for both the Opening and Ending themes of the series. The Opening theme is titled Really? Seriously! Magical☆Jewel (マジ?マジ! マジカル☆ジュエル Maji? Maji! Majikaru ☆ jueru?) by Yui Asaka and the ending theme is titled The Smile's Loop (笑顔のループ Egao no rūpu?) by Horie Mitsuko. The lyrics were composed by Yuriko Mori and composed by Kōsuke Makino and Cher Watanabe. The second series also has two songs made for both the Opening and Ending themes. The Opening theme is titled Happy☆Twinkle (Happy☆てぃんくる Hapii☆Tinkuru?) by former AKB48 member Kayano Masuyama featuring Ayaka Saito and Miyuki Sawashiro as both Ruby and Labra. The ending theme is titled Scribbling at the Sky (空ニラクガキ Sora ni Rakugaki?) by Natsumi Takamori, Ayana Taketatsu and Azusa Kataoka as Akari, Miria and Sara. The opening is composed by Takafumi Iwasaki of Project.R fame and the ending is composed by Takahiro Matsumoto.

Sunshine also has two songs, one Opening and one Ending. The Opening theme is titled GO! GO! Sunshine (GO! GO! サンシャイン GO! GO! Sanshain?) by Mayumi Gojo and the ending theme is titled Nowadays girl (イマドキ乙女 Imadoki otome?) by Kayano Masuyama and Misuzu Mochizuki. The opening is composed with lyrics by Takafumi Iwasaki and the ending is composed by Yuriko Mori with lyrics from Noriyuki Asakura. Kira Deco has two theme songs as well. The Opening theme is titled Happy Lucky☆Go! (ハッピーラッキー☆ゴー! Happī rakkī ☆ gō!?) and the ending theme is titled Friends Forever and Ever (ずっとずっとトモダチ Zutto Zutto Tomodachi?),[30] both performed by Mana Ashida with lyrics and composition from Natsumi Watanabe and Shingo Asari

Happiness is confirmed to have two official songs. For Episodes 1-39, the opening and ending theme is titled At the End of the Light (光の果てに Hikari no hate ni?) while for Episodes 40 to 52, the opening and ending theme is titled RUN with U,[31] both performed by the Japanese idol group Fairies.[32]

Video Releases[edit]

Marvelous Inc. released several volumes of the first series on separate Region 2 DVDs in Japan. All seventeen volumes have been released, the first 16 has 3 episodes while the last volume has 4 episodes.

Nippon Columbia issues several DVD volumes of Jewelpet Twinkle during the series's airing. Frontier Works also released the series as a DVD Box set on 22 July 2011. "Fan Discs" were also released due to the show's popularity in Comiket, each containing some episodes and bonus extras. The first is released in 9 September 2011, Fan Disc F, which includes a special version of the Opening Video of the anime,[33] is released in 16 January 2012 and a Blu-Ray fan disc is released on 9 September 2012, with a Limited Edition be released on 10 August 2012. A BluRay Box set is also announced and released on 21 July 2013, which includes an Original Video Animation episode and a second official soundtrack.[34] The Boxset will also include an official Illustration booklet, containing official illustrations and promotional images from the Anime series.

Jewelpet Sunshine also has some standard DVD releases by Nippon Columbia before gaining DVD box set releases from Victor Entertainment. The first DVD Box set was released on 9 December 2011, the second DVD Box on 9 March 2012, the third on 8 June 2012 and the fourth on 7 September 2012. All 4 DVD Box sets contains 4 Discs, spanning into each half of the series. The DVD releases also omit the licensed songs used in the series due to licensing issues with other companies.

Jewelpet Kira Deco gained its official DVD release by Universal Music Japan starting 22 August 2012. Six volumes were already been released so far. Victor Entertainment also announced a BluRay Selection Box set release on 20 September 2013, which will contain 16 selected episodes of the series.

Jewelpet Happiness gained four official DVD box set releases by TC Entertainment, a Group company of Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Mainichi Broadcasting System and Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting, with each of the box sets containing four discs, spanning into each half of the series. The first box set is released on 25 October 2013, the second is released on 31 January 2014, the third box set is released on April 25, 2014 and the fourth is released on June 27, 2014.

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