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The Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation (JASHP)[1] is an American non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer historical society. The society locates sites of American and Jewish historical interest and importance. It works with local community organizations, synagogues, churches, historical societies, governments and individuals, to erect interpretive historical markers that help illuminate the American-Jewish experience and reflect on the commonality of being American.

JASHP was founded in 1999 after the discovery by the founder, Jerry Klinger, of the first permanent Jewish house of worship in the territory of New Mexico (Temple Montefiore, Las Vegas, N.M.).[2] JASHP has completed projects in 25 states and in four countries. Projects are constantly being developed and proposals are welcomed. Over 6,000,000 people a year benefit from JASHP projects. The Society is a small organization. Each program is individualized with organizational participation from as few as a two or three people to as many as 300. Considering JASHP's size, its impact has been disproportionally large.

JASHP is the recipient of Hadassah's Myrtle Wreath Award, which is "given to individuals and non-profit organizations which have made significant humanitarian contributions to our community."


JASHP has completed programs in the following States Reflecting on the Jewish American Experience

Leo Frank marker, Marietta,Ga.

Alabama, Mobile, Shaare Shomayim - Gates of Heaven,[3]

Arkansas, Little Rock, Concordia Hall,[4]

Colorado, Cotopaxi, Russian Jewish gravesite,[5]

Congressional Medal of Honor, Private Benjamin Levy,[6]

Delaware, Wilmington, Ohabe Shalom, Lovers of Peace,[7]

Florida, Pensacola, Temple Beth El,[8]

Florida, Palm Beach, Wakodahatchee Wetlands,[9]

Florida, Palm Beach, Green Cay Wetlands,[10]

Iowa, Keokuk, B'Nai Israel Congregation,[11]

Kansas, Kansas City, World War I Museum,[12]

Omaha, Nebraska marker

Kansas, Leavenworth, Temple B'Nai Jeshurun,[13]

Louisiana, New Orleans-1,Shangarai Chasset,[14]

Louisiana, New Orleans-2,Touro Infirmary,[15]

Maine, Bangor, Congregation Beth Israel,[16]

Maryland, Suburban Washington, D.C., Sophia Chamys,[17]

Maryland, Hagerstown, Thomas Kennedy,[18]

Mississippi, Jackson, Temple Beth Israel,[19]

Marker dedication, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Mississippi, Natchez, Temple B'Nai Israel,[20]

Montana, Helena, Temple Emanuel,[21]

Nebraska, Omaha, Congregation of Israel,[22]

JASHP marker dedication Buffalo, N.Y.

New York, Buffalo, Mordechai Noah,[23]

Nevada, Virginia City, Engineering Marvels of the Comstock,[24]

New Hampshire, Portsmouth, Temple Israel,[25]

New Mexico, Las Vegas, Congregation Montefiore,[26]

Pennsylvania, Lancaster, Joseph Simon,[27]

South Dakota, Deadwood, Jewish Historical Presence and Participation,[28]

Tennessee, Memphis, Congregation Children of Israel,[29]

Utah, Salt Lake City, Congregation B'Nai Israel,[30]

Utah, Wild Horse Butte, Solomon Carvalho - John C. Fremont Expedition of Exploration 1853-54,[31]

Virginia, Richmond, Kahal Kadosh Beth Shalome,[32]

Wild Horse Butte with Fremont-Carvalho marker

Washington, Spokane. Temple Emanuel,[33]

West Virginia, Charleston, Temple Israel,[34]

Touro Infirmary Marker

Wyoming, Cheyenne, Mt. Sinai Congregation,[35]

Hebrew Hill, Mt. Zion, Deadwood, S.D.

Special programs[edit]

  • Stephen Norman - the last descendent of Theodor Herzl - the father of the modern State of Israel,[37]

International projects[edit]

Charitable sponsorships[edit]

JASHP articles on American Jewish history[edit]

  • Kahal HaKadosh Beit Elohim, Charleston, S.C.[45]
  • American Holocaust Memorializations[46]
  • Reverend John Stanley Grauel - Secret Haganah operative on the S.S. Exodus[47]
  • American Jewish History,[48]
  • Boynton Beach Chronicles,[49]
  • Zionism and Israel[50]

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