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Union council
Jhangi is located in Abbottabad District
Jhangi is located in Abbottabad District
Coordinates: 34°12′0″N 73°14′0″E / 34.20000°N 73.23333°E / 34.20000; 73.23333Coordinates: 34°12′0″N 73°14′0″E / 34.20000°N 73.23333°E / 34.20000; 73.23333
Country  Pakistan
Province Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
District Abbottabad
Tehsil Abbottabad
 • Nazim Muhammad Saeed Khan
 • Naib Nazim Sardar Muhammad Rafique[1]
 • Total 26,226

Jhangi is one of the 51 union councils of Abbottabad District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.[2] It is also known as Jhangi Syedan and Jhangi Qazia to the local population. It is located to the north of Abbottabad city (the district capital) and includes the north-western parts of the city and its suburbs and outlying villages.


The Union Councils is administratively subdivided into the following areas:[1]

  • Banda Amlok
  • Banda Batang
  • Banda Falzullah
  • Banda Khair Ali Khan
  • Banda Lamba
  • Banda Noor Ahmed
  • Banda Ali Khan
  • Banda Qazi
  • Banda Sher Khan
  • Bandi Gasan
  • Batangi De Mohri
  • Dheri
  • Dobather
  • Jhangi Baba Bakhat Jamal
  • Jhangi Khoja
  • Jhangi Syedian
  • Jhangi Qazian(Lambi Dheri)
  • Banda Phagwarian

Other villages are:

  • Banda Buraj
  • Banda Jalal Khan
  • Banda Laman
  • Boi Di Gali
  • Laman Mera
  • Akbar Da Mera
  • banda qazi
  • banda waqas khan
  • Galli


Jhangi is most important Uc of Abbottabad specially town Dheri,located at an average elevation of 1248 metres. village Dheri is the last village towards south. and is at the same altitide as Shimla hills. (3943 feet)[3] To the south lies the municipality of Abbottabad