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Shanghai International Circuit
Shanghai International Circuit
Jiading in Shanghai
Jiading in Shanghai
Country China
Region Shanghai
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Jiading District
Chinese 嘉定
Postal Map Kahding
"Jiading" redirects here. For Jiading proper, see Jiading, Jiading District.

Jiading District (Chineset 嘉定區, s 嘉定区, p Jiādìng Qū; Shanghainese: Ka-din Chiu), formerly romanized as Kahding, is a suburban district of Shanghai. It had a population of 1,471,100 in 2010.


Jiading District is located in the northwestern part of Shanghai . It stretches across 463.9 square kilometers (179.1 sq mi). It is located about 20 kilometres (12 mi) from downtown Shanghai. It is connected to downtown by the Hujia expressway, which was the first expressway in Shanghai. It is near Shanghai's Hongqiao Airport but across town from the Pudong International Airport.


Jiading administers several towns including Jiading, Anting, Nanxiang, Huating, Xuhang, Waigang, Huangdu, Malu Town and Jiangqiao.

Subdistricts and towns[edit]

Subdistricts: Jiadingzhen Subdistrict (嘉定镇街道), Xincheng Road Subdistrict (新成路街道), Zhenxin Subdistrict (真新街道).

Towns: Malu (马陆镇), Nanxiang (南翔镇), Jiangqqiao (江桥镇), Anting (安亭镇), Waigang (外冈镇), Xuhang (徐行镇), Huating (华亭镇).[1]


An early 18th-century French map of Kia-ting Hien (Jiading proper)

Shanghai University has a campus in downtown Jiading, which is where SILC is based.

The Shanghai International Circuit is located in Jiading. Each year in April the Shanghai International Circuit holds the Chinese Grand Prix.

The Jiading Confucian Temple is one of the best conserved county-level Confucian temples in China. It has gone through several repairs in the past 800 years.

The Fahua Pagoda located in central Jiading is a tetrahedral brick-wooden pagoda with seven floors and a height of 40.85 meters (134.0 ft).

The Bamboo Carving Museum, covering bamboo carving over the past 400 years since the mid-Ming Dynasty.


There are numerous international hotels within the Jiading district. The most famous hotel is the Crowne Plaza Shanghai Anting. It is the first 5* International hotel in Jiading & Anting area.

Notable people[edit]

  • Yang Yongliang (b. 1980), artist
  • James S.C. Chao (b. ~1935), merchant mariner, business leader, and philanthropist. He is the founder of Foremost Group


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