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Map of Bahrain showing Jidd Haffs municipality

Jidhafs (Arabic: جد حفص‎) is a city in Bahrain. It was a municipality of Bahrain in the northern part of the country. Its territory is now in the Capital and Northern Governorate. It is about 3 km west of the capital Manama. It is neighbored by the villages of Al Daih and Sanabis to the north, Al Musala and Tashan to the south, Jibilat Habshi and Muqsha to the west. The city's population is about 11,000.


The people of Jiddhafs are divided into two parts, the old Bahrani and the immigrants. The Bahrani community are Shia Islam followers, while the immigrants religions vary from Sunni Muslim to Buddhism.


The Bahraini historian and researcher Mohammed bin Ali Al Tajer says in his book Aqd Al Lalali Fi Tarikh Awal that the word "Jid" means coast, so the word Jid Hafs means the Coast of Hafs.


List of mosques in Jid Hafs

  • Mosque of Jid Hafs
  • Al Musharraf Mosque
  • Al Thahaba Mosque
  • New Sheikh Abdullah Mosque
  • Sheikh Abdullah Mosque
  • Al Baqaliya Mosque
  • Bint Sheikh Yahya Mosque
  • Al Falsa Mosque
  • Sheikh Muhsin Mosque
  • Rawayan Mosque
  • Imam Ali Mosque
  • Maqbarat Al Imam Mosque
  • Madrasat Sheikh Dawud Mosque
  • Al Madaris Al Sharqi Mosque
  • Al Madaris Al Gharbi Mosque
  • Al Souq Al Qadeem Mosque
  • Al Loza Mosque
  • Ain Al Daar Mosque
  • Abu Harba Mosque
  • Al Arbiaa Mosque
  • Sheikh Yaseen Mosque
  • Al Kayas Mosque
  • Al Sdra Mosque
  • Al Watiya Mosque
  • Al Suwaydi Mosque
  • Al Hota Mosque
  • Al Daliya Mosque
  • Al Tiranja Mosque


Some of the matams or hussainias in Jidhafs (note:this list is not complete)

  • Al Musharraf Matam
  • Almarhoom Alhaj Abdulhussain bin Jafar Matam (Haj is the formal way of saying hajji)
  • Matam A'ilat Kamel
  • Matam A'ilat Altaweel
  • Al Shari Matam
  • Sheikh Abdulhasan Matam
  • Aineldaar Matam
  • Al Mahasiniya or Alzaraa Matam
  • Madrasat Alshaykh Dawood Matam
  • Sheikh Hassan Zaineldeen Matam
  • Al Qaim Matam
  • Salama Matam
  • Al Anwar Matam (for women)
  • Alhaj Abdulnabi Matam (for women)
  • Alhajjiya Um Radhi Al Taweel (for women)
  • Al Ramla Matam (for women)
  • Bait Al Hussain Matam (for women)
  • Um Alawi Matam (for women)
  • Masuma AlAlawi Matam (for women)
  • Um Sayyid Salman Matam (for women)

and others


There are 3 hawzas in Jidhafs and they are

  • 1. Sheikh Abdulhasan Hawza established by Sheikh Abdulhasan Al Tufil in 1966
  • 2. Daar Al Salam Hawza established by Sheikh Ali bin Ahmed Al Jidhafsi
  • 3. Hawza of Jidhafs (for women)


  • Aqd Al Lalali Fi Tarikh Awal عقد اللالئ في تاريخ أوال

Coordinates: 26°13′27″N 50°32′22″E / 26.22417°N 50.53944°E / 26.22417; 50.53944